Pokemon GO: Confirmed Reappearance of Rayquaza in Upcoming Raid Battle


Niantic has finally confirmed that Pokemon GO fans would have a chance to grab on to the Rayquaza again. All those trainers who missed the opportunity of catching a Rayquaza and those who want to complete their Pokedex have a special event to look for.

Niantic has announced that with the upcoming weekend trainers of Pokemon GO will exclusively have a chance to catch the Rayquaza for themselves. This weekend event is going to feature the Legendary type Rayquaza which was previously introduced in the Limited Time Event.

A tweet posted on the official Twitter account for Pokemon GO stated the details of the upcoming Raid Battle event. The post confirmed that the Raid Event would begin on the 15th of March from 1 PM PT and the event would end at 4 PM ET.

Moreover, this event would continue till Monday 18th March, so players have a total of four days to grab on to this legendary Pokemon. This beast Pokemon is quite hard to defeat and will require a well-planned attempt to beat.

 Prior to the special Rayquaza Raid event, Pokemon GO will feature an exciting event namely Battle Showdown 2019. This Battle Showdown event will be available for a complete week and players can participate in this event to earn interring rewards.


In the Battle Showdown 2019 event trainers can interact with the recently introduced shiny Mankey and Machop. Pokemon GO fans can try to catch these fighting type Pokemon by using a ghost or fairy type, as fighting type Pokemon are weak against ghost types.

  The Battle Showdown event will also allow trainers to obtain a new Fighting move namely Power-Up Punch. This move was first introduced in generation 6 Pokemon series and was called as TM98.

Finally, Niantic has decided to introduce this jaw-breaking punching move and allow trainers to teach this powerful move set to their fighter type Pokemon. In addition to the shiny Pokemon and unique moves, this Battle Showdown event will also grant players with double bonuses like XP, Rare Candy, Eggs and increased chance of spotting fighting type Pokemon.

The Battle Showdown event is currently live and set to end on March 12th. After the end of this Battle Showdown event, players will be able to access the unique Raid battle challenge featuring Legendary Rayquaza.

Rayquaza is not the only Pokemon which is benign featured in the Raid battle for the second time, as Latias has also appeared twice in the Special Raid event in the February month. Moreover, Niantic has even hinted that Latios who is a twin of Latias would also experience its own special Raid event for trainers to grab on to it.

 Rayquaza is a Legendary type Pokemon which can fly and has the strength of a dragon. It comes with a unique hidden ability namely Delta Stream which can wind of any of its opponents.

So the best strategy to defeat this beast is to face this Pokemon with your friends and try to eliminate the Legendary Pokemon before trying to catch it. The best team to counter this pocket monster should have a Rock or Ice-type Pokemon, and a Fairy-type Pokemon could also help trainers to combat this beast.

Still, if you have cached any of the Dragon-type Pokemon then make sure to include him in your team to make sure of defeating this Legendary Pokemon. Fans of Pokemon GO are excited to garb this mesmerizing Legendary type and make it a part of their squad as this Pokemon is very unique and has an immersive control over wind.

 Let’s see how the fans and community members review these ongoing events, and hopefully, they grab on to the existing content available during these challenge events. With the exclusive raid, battle players will also have a chance to complete various Field Research Tasks for the month of March.

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