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Police Lights for Cars: What You Should Know

Emergency lights are crucial for all forms of first responders (fire, police, and EMTs). Without them, there wouldn’t be an effective way to warn other drivers that rescue vehicles are on their way, which, in turn, would slow down response times. Slow response times means less safety for everyday individuals. To guarantee the best Police Lights For Cars, make sure you understand these crucial facts:

There Are 5 Primary Warning Light Colors
When it comes to first responders in the United States, there are five primary colors. These colors are amber, blue, green, red, and white. Each state determines what departments can use each color and the locations where the lights can be mounted on the vehicle. In most cases, the colors used are as follows:

• Amber – Amber lighting is used to signify caution and is generally used on slower moving vehicles such as construction trucks, rescue squad vehicles, school buses, security patrol, snowplows, tow trucks, and more.
• Blue – Police and other law enforcement agencies use the blue-colored lighting. Blue is often used alone or in combination with red and/or white.
• Green – Green lighting is used to indicate homeland security, a mobile command post, or private security agencies.
• Red – Red is the most common color used to signify an emergency situation. They are mounted on EMT’s vehicles, fire trucks, police cars, and rescue squad vehicles.
• White – White lighting is used as a generic warning strobe and is most common on school buses and tanker trucks.

There Are Lots of Lighting Options

There are many different types of police lights for cars, including:

• Interior Dash Light
• Light Bar
• Surface Mount
• Traffic Advisor Light
• Visor Light

Practically any kind of light is available for purchase with halogen, LED, or incandescent lighting. The technology options you choose will determine the type of budget, preferences, and visibility options you have. Despite the lighting choice, each device has relatively the same mounting location options.

The most common type of equipment are light bars. Light bars come in a wide array of options including low-profile builds, mini-models, and full-width models. Most departments install light bars on vehicle rooftops to allow for a 360-degree light output.

Always Use the Best Mounting Locations for Your Vehicle
To avoid the high costs of full-sized LED light bars, you can install front and rear facing lighting models. The best front facing options are:

• Dash Lights
• Hideaway LEDs & Strobe Kits
• Interior Light Bars
• Grille Lights
• Visor Lights

While it may seem unnecessary, rear-facing lights are just as important. First responder vehicles are more likely to have rear-ended collisions because of sudden changes in speed. By increasing the visibility to the rear of the car, your department can reduce these risks. For the best rear facing lighting options, use one of the following:

• Bumper Lights
• Hideaways
• Strobe Kits
• Surface Mount Lights
• Traffic Advisors

Always Place Lighting In the Appropriate Locations
To keep both the public and first responders safe, when purchasing lighting options, you need to consider where the lights are going to be mounted. For proper use, the lighting also needs to be installed and wired correctly. Remember, you cannot place all types of lighting devices on the outside of a vehicle. The best way to figure out the difference is if the lighting has weatherproofing. Any lighting without it is unable to be placed on the exterior of the car. Otherwise, the device could absorb moisture, causing the lighting unit to fail.

For more information on the best lighting options for your vehicle, contact the vehicle lighting professionals at UltraBrightLightz by calling 888-562-5125. We have everything you need for your emergency vehicles, and our staff can answer any questions you may have.

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