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Popular Arts Jobs for Fresh Graduates

If you are pursuing an Art course or have recently graduated from a Hong Kong Art school, you may have concerns about what kind of art jobs are available for you. Fortunately, things have changed over the years and art jobs are not limited to creation or producing arts or paintings or something artistic only. Rather, there are many jobs related to this field, in addition to being creative and artistic. In the present time, graduates from Art schools in Hong Kong can choose from many different types of job opportunities that not only fulfill their creative passions but also provide for a lucrative career. Along with a degree in the arts, candidates should also have strong communication skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking skills to do well in the arts jobs they take up.

Popular Arts jobs in Hong Kong-

Sales Director:

popular sales jobs in hong kong

After a completion of your course, candidates can take up job opportunity as a sales director for companies, businesses and individuals dealing or creating modern and contemporary art in Hong Kong. The job role is to cultivate new businesses, building client relationships, negotiating prices, ensuring seamless transactions, handling clients globally, shipping of products, managing private sales, and so on. Degree holder or relevant tertiary education, preferably in Arts or related subjects are preferred for this position. However, larger organizations prefer candidates with 5-7 relevant work experience in the Contemporary and Modern Art market.

Gallery Assistant:

art gallery jobs-BMH
source: internet

Most candidates after their graduation in Arts can take up arts jobs as a gallery assistant in Hong Kong. There are art galleries in Hong Kong that promote different forms of art, encourage cross-cultural art exchange, and provide a platform globally to foster cultural
engagement between collectors, artists, curators and art organizations.As a gallery assistant, the candidates have to participate in local and international art events, help with preparation of exhibitions and art fairs, maintain gallery website and social media promotions, research in artists’ information and biographies, and other administrative duties, and so on. Gallery assistant arts jobs in Hong Kong are quite popular as these jobs provide an opportunity for a fresher to see a positive growth in their career.

Art Teacher:

art teacher-BMH
source: internet

To be an Art teacher immediately after graduation is another popular arts job in Hong Kong. Though as a fresh graduate, the candidate cannot be a teacher for the senior classes, yet for junior classes, the candidate can deliver lectures, teach the students
to show their creativity through arts. As an Art teacher, the candidate’s role is to design and develop course materials and art curriculum for art teachers and maintain art files records and art portfolios of students. Relevant degree/training in Fine Arts or Design is a must to get art jobs in reputed schools in Hong Kong. Higher Diploma holder or above have more advantages and can get jobs as senior level art teachers. Candidates with less education background or less experience will be considered as Art Teaching Assistants. 

Art Director / Assistant Art Director:


Hong Kong’s list of popular arts jobs also includes the position of Art Director or Assistant Art Director. While as a Fresher with a relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in design or creative studies will give you the job profile as an Assistant Art director, with few years of experience, you can apply for the position of Art Director. The job role is to create innovative and original campaigns, enhance  
existing client campaigns digitally, graphically, with visual effects or social media, present new design ideas and concepts to clients,  provide creative solutions depending on the requirements of the project, and so on. As an Art Director, the candidate has to oversee workflow and provide creative direction, handle team effectively and implement the best practices for a creative development. To do well in this job role, the candidate has to have strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of digital technologies, strong leadership skills, and last but not the least, very creative and innovative in all production cycles. 

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