Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Popular Casino Games Among Female Players

Centuries ago gambling was considered a man's prerogative and women who were seen at casinos were seen in a poor light. However, times have changed and now there is no place for gender stereotypes in the gambling world.

Women are doing exceptionally well in many casino games and show a preference for some over the others. Picking up on these predispositions, both land-based and instant play casinos are tweaking their games to draw more women players.

According to Oregon State University, women look for excitement and pleasure in gambling while men play for financial gains. This may be the reason why women love playing some games over the others.

Here are some of the most popular casino games that women enjoy playing:

  • Slots

Whenever you visit a land-based casino, you might feel that men easily outnumber women. But what if you're looking in the wrong place? As a matter of fact, women enjoy playing slots. You can easily find a number of women standing near slot machines, waiting for their turn to try their luck.

Women players dominate slots. Studies show that women make about 83% of slot players. The game is easy, and any player who's not experienced can take part. They make an impressive introduction to casino games, especially if you are not a fan of table games.

You could say it's the unique slot themes based on movies, rock bands and other forms of entertainment that attract women to slots. But then, slots also have excellent graphic design and background sounds. They take about 70% of the space in most land-based casinos and even more in online casinos.

The online era of casino games has made accessing slots even easier, and they have now become a social game. You can chat with a friend while spinning the reels to see how far the game takes you, without really playing against each other.

Perhaps the best thing about slots are the extra spins, bonus features and substantial jackpots, which are rarely seen in table games. Women find slots less intimidating as there's no pressure and rush like in table games.

  • Poker

Poker has always been associated with men, but there is a significant number of successful women who equally enjoy it.

Women love playing poker because it's a skill-based game. This card game requires an excellent combination of strategy, luck and incredible skills. Some players may find it intimidating when their opponent bluffs, but strong women who can work under pressure and are observant easily cope with this with their poker face.

Most opponents playing against a woman tend to underestimate them because they feel that it's out of bounds for a woman to win when playing poker. Consequently, so many women are seen bluffing their way to huge jackpots.

  • Craps

When you walk into a brick-and-mortar casino, six out of ten times, it will be a woman tossing the dice. The game is said to be quite complicated because of the betting rules and opportunities, but it's very easy to comprehend.

Women tend to understand craps better than men. That is why you'll see many women at the craps table. Also, some men bring their girlfriends and wives to a craps game because they feel that their ladies bring them good luck.

A possible explanation for craps being a favourite among women could be that they understand it so effortlessly despite it having complicated betting structures and strict rules. Or, perhaps, it's the lively atmosphere at the craps table. Whatever the case, ladies have a way with craps, and it has gained a huge following.

  • Roulette

Online casinos make it even easier for women to access the game. They can play it anywhere and perfect their already polished skills.

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the history of gambling. It's nearly impossible to find a land-based casino that does not offer roulette.

The roulette wheel reminds people of Wheel of Fortune, which has incredible popularity among female viewers. Even though both men and women love indulging in the game, it's more popular among women.

The entertainment comes from understanding that winning is based on luck, though strategic thinking is required to decide how and where to place your bets. Women with high intuition and excellent decision-making skills are the right fit. There's also the excitement of seeing the wheel spinning and hitting you’re lucky number.

Mobile casinos have more variants of roulette to choose from and enjoy an uninterrupted playing experience.


Casino games' popularity is rapidly rising among women, and thus, the number of women playing them is set to rise. You never know, they may even gain interest in other games like blackjack.

Most casinos, both online and land-based, are even offering more games and better packages such as joining bonuses and extra spins to attract their largest customers in numbers – the women.

For games that depend on luck, women are said to be intuitive and perceptive. Therefore roulette and slots work great for them. In the progressing world of gambling and casino games, women will make a large percentage of patrons.

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