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Popular IT Jobs 2019 in India for Graduates

IT or Information Technology is a broad terminology in today’s age of digitalization, Internet and computer technology. When it comes to IT jobs, it offers a huge range of diverse career paths which look for diverse specializations as well. An IT expert can be an expert in different IT-related fields as taken up or chosen. In India, IT jobs are in great demand as India is known to be a hub for IT and ITES services globally. Especially, the cities Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Pune are known to be popular IT destinations. Major IT companies, development and service centers are located in these cities offering different types of IT jobs.

Popular IT Jobs in India for graduates

Being a broad concept, we present below the most popular IT Jobs in India, especially meant for the young graduates. These are the most common and easily available job titles in the IT field.


java developer jobs

One of the most common IT jobs is computer programmers. The role of a computer programmer is to write software code and test it so that the coding helps in the functioning of computer applications and programs. Programmers are also responsible for translating the designs of software developers and engineers into codes that are workable. Reviewing, updating, expanding the existing codes or testing and resolving faults in the existing programs are also part of a computer programmer job. With a Bachelor’s degree and knowledge of the latest programming tools, computer programmers can apply for lucrative positions in the IT industry.

Technical Support

network engineer jobs

For most common people, especially the non-IT folk, IT jobs are invariably related to technical support. When we talk about the

Information technology department in any organization, we associate it with the tech support team. For the smooth running of Network and system devices in any organization, a technical support team is an essential requirement. This job title is also referred as “operations analysts”, “help desk technicians”, “systems administrators”. Their main responsibility is to troubleshoot any technical defaults in the systems or provide troubleshooting advice to customers/clients. Technical support IT jobs are related to both hardware and software issues and the person concerned should have proper knowledge related to solving of computer problems. All technical and applications problems are needed to be solved either over the phone or in person.

Web Developers

software engineer jobs-BMH

No office, business, an organization can run today without an official website. Thus, there is always a need for web developers or web designers. Web developing is one of the most common IT jobs in India. A web developer is responsible for coding and creating innovative design and layout of a website related to the industry domain of the concerned organization. Right from designing to modifying websites, from creating the layout to the functioning of the website, from making the website user-friendly to make designs as per clients’ requirements, web developers are responsible to create a website that is up and running. Graduates with additional skills of web development through a professional diploma or certification courses are highly preferred for the position of web developers.  Most organizations prefer to hire web developers with some experience.

Database Administrator

database administrator jobs

Graduates can also apply for Database Administrator IT jobs in India. The job role involves installation, upgrading, monitoring, administration, configuration, maintenance and security of databases. In other words, a database administrator is responsible for performing all activities for maintaining a successful database environment and keep the data secure. To join as a database administrator, a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is required.

Technical sales representative

technical sales representative

Last but not least, technical sales representative are another common IT jobs for graduates. The job profile is not a technical one but is involved in technical sales. Candidates who are graduates and have a good understanding of IT products and IT business with good communication skills and sales expertise can apply for IT jobs like as technical sales representatives.

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