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Popular URL Shortening Tools 2021-22

You must have tried a link shortener at some point that converts long and intimidating links to manageable ones. It makes things easy and life simpler but did you know that these tools come with a lot more functions. In this article, we will explore the top 8 tools with great marketing features that can help your brand grow exponentially.

Top 8 URL shortening tools


1.    Bitly

If you have your own site and you want to shorten the web address for better marketing then this is it. With Bitly you can perform analytics and campaign management. If you own a company that deals with search engine optimization like Connecticut SEO experts, then you can get all these features for your site and reach more customers by getting a custom domain made for you.

Bitly comes with both paid and free options so you can choose what suits you. Isn’t that great!!!! Bitly is a great tool with great features all in one.  

2.    T2M

T2M is an another unique and fully featured contender in our best URL shortener list. Along with short URL, it also generators QR code on the fly. You will love its dashboard and the usability of this link shortening solution.

With T2M, you can create custom branded links, bulk create links to save time and effort, tag URLs, password protect URLs, download analytics reports, and share links to social media with one single click.

You can also get Dedicated Instance with Dedicated IP in your preferred data center for stored data in your own area.

3.    Rebrandly

This tool provides great link management. It’s unique because it believes that links can help your brand move forward. It provides services like traffic routing, customized analytics, link targeting, account management, and custom domain.

You can get free and paid packages as you like. Rebrandly has the honor of facilitating big companies and organizations.

It also allows you to work and collaborate with your team by working on shared folders. Now create branded links that help you grow.

4.    TinyURL

This is a tool that will help you create a small sharable link that will be valid indefinitely. It’s very simple to use and doesn't require signing up. For history review, you will have to sign up and if you get a paid plan you will get tracking, branded domain, analytics, etc. 

TinyURL will provide you with three types of links, long, preview, and short. The best part is that you can generate as many short links as you want without any payments. It’s compatible with all web browsers and platforms and it disables spam or illegal links automatically. You can create links fast and stay anonymous.

5.    Blink

This tool will help you shorten links and track your brand's progress. Through the dashboard, you can view the general statistics and analytics of your brand. It offers features like real-time click analysis, performance tracks, campaign creation, control, and enterprise-grade compliance. You can get free and paid packages and a custom domain for your brand. With a custom domain, you can add real words that will perform better and get more clicks. That is something that all brands want right?

With the free account, you can make 1000 active links and you can track 1000 clicks for every link. For a small business, this tool is a great option.

6.    URL Shortner by Zapier

Are you tired of manually shortening links? If so this tool can help. Whenever you perform an action you will create a ZAP that will create a short link and will save it to an app directly or to Google sheet. This tool allows both paid and free plans and makes life pretty easy!!

If you want to send a short link by SMS zapier will automatically shorten a link for you. On top of all this, you can integrate with 2000 plus applications like Google sheets and automatically add links. It will do stuff for you while you can sit back and relax.

7.    Pixelme

This tool allows pixel tracking. That helps in understanding customer behavior and ultimately plan your actions better. With this tool, you can create and track short branded links and share them through your browser. A great feature is that it creates an audience for every link to help you increase your CTR.  Pixelme is a great tool for marketing helping you track ROI and build a budget for maximum growth.

8.    Adfly

This tool shortens links and monetizes them as well. Cool right? Sign up, shorten a link and share it on your social media. You will make as much money as many clicks you get. Plus this tool is free. Adfly will make advertisements easier without annoying popups. Another great benefit is that you can also track performances and make better decisions based on how your brand is growing.  It's a brilliantly designed tool that you should definitely try.


In this article, we went through 8 link shortening tools to help you choose the best. For an all-rounder performance T2M is a great option, if you want to focus on pixel tracking then Pixelme is great and for free advertisements Adfly can work well. Zapier makes things easy and automatic while TinyURL keeps your anonymity intact.

All these tools have their own advantages and depending on what you need you can make the decisions or try them all to see what gives the best results.




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