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Porcelain Tiles Vs Ceramics Tiles - Which one to Choose

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As we all know that ceramics and porcelain tiles actually look very similar to each other. But if you will analyze in depth then you will get to know that they are different. Actually porcelain tiles are best for both indoor and outdoor usage. And they use to have a hard wearing and seem to be denser, because of its manufacturing procedure. While on the other side if we talk about ceramics then these tiles are actually recommended to install on the interior floors or walls. Yes, we can actually say that porcelain tiles are very much reliable, especially for places where heavy traffic is expected. Here in this article we are discussing about porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles so that you know which one is better and which tiles you have to choose.

Best Qualities of Porcelain Tiles:

1) These Tiles Are Liquid Resistance

The best thing about porcelain tiles is its density and its liquid resistance feature. Due to these features porcelain tiles are famous among people and preferred over the ceramic tiles. Cream porcelain tiles is resistant to any kind of liquid penetration. And this quality can improve by using a melted glass glaze. Actually, this will make the surface of tiles completely resistant to water.

2) These Tiles Are Stained Resistant

Another quality that makes the porcelain tiles a better option for people is its stain resistant quality. So yes porcelain tiles are resistant to liquid penetration and also to the stains. You it will make it easy to maintain, these tiles so easily. That’s why they are most desirable tiles as compared to any other option.

Best Qualities of Ceramic Tiles:

Another option that you might have while choosing the tiles is ceramic tiles. So you should know that these tiles are actually versatile in nature and you can simply use these tiles in almost any range of environment. And you really don’t have to worry about stains, water penetration, and designs.

1) These Tiles Have an Unglazed Glass Coating

Just like porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are also considered to be better when we talk about liquid penetration. So yes, these tiles are also best to install outside the house or in the high traffic area. As they do have finishing of unglazed glass or ceramic glaze that make it liquid resistant.

2) You Will Find a Variety of Design Options

Keep in mind that due to modern manufacturing techniques you will be able to find so many different designs in ceramic tiles. Other than that with these tiles you will also get a privilege to print the material in lots of different ways. Just like you can do mix and matching in a variety of patterns that will reflect the theme of your house. 

3) Ceramic Tile Requires Less Maintenance

Another best thing about using ceramic tiles is that these tiles are very easy to maintain. So you can even install these tiles in high traffic areas where there are chances to face dirt, stains and liquid.  Because it is very easy to clean these tiles, basically you can only so regular vacuuming and sweeping simply by using a soft brush.

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