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Which is Positive and Negative on Car Speakers

We all want to get the best speakers for our homes, offices, and cars that are why the essential part to buy it the sound quality. Especially for those who love to maintain their vehicle always searches the best speakers for the car so that they can enjoy the music ongoing and enjoy their favorite music while driving. The cars are usually the best place to listen to music and song while you can also have woofers and bass to make your speaker's volume louder. If you are still planning to get your car some new speakers, then best that you also check out the best *car stereos reviewed by MusicCritic. You can be sure that you'll get all the essential details that you need before opting for purchase.

While some of us want to install the car speakers by themselves, we also want to know what are the positive and negative terminals of the car speakers as it needs to be attached to the wires. That is why there are many ways to find out which are the positive and negative terminals of the car speakers.

You can connect the speakers anytime you want with the wires that are why it is essential to know the right terminals which will help you enjoy the sound without going to a mechanic.

How to determine the positive and negative terminal of the car speakers?

1.    Visual inspection of the connections and terminals:

The most common way to know which terminal is positive and which one is negative is by checking the label of the connection point. Turn your speakers back, here you can see two small connection points which are used for the connecting the positive and negative terminals and when you look carefully there are two little signs of + and – mention.

It means that on the head of the speaker terminal you can find the sign of polarization which will help you connect it with the right wire.

2.    Check the size of the terminal:

In case there is no marking on the terminals, and you want to know which terminal is positive and which one is negative than this method can help you. Look closely at the size of the terminals; the one is smaller than the other. Most often the negative terminal is lower than the positive one which means the larger one is positive. It is common for the car speakers to have different sizes of terminals and an easy way for you to find out which one is positive and negative in your car speakers before installing it.

3.    Battery method:

Well if you want to be 100% sure to know which terminal is which one than the battery method is the right way to do it. Many times there are no marking and labeling on the terminals as well as their sizes are also equal which means that there is no chance to determine the charges of the terminals by just looking at it. Therefore you can use this method at that time which will help you get the correct result before connecting the wires and installing it.

For this method, you will need a 1.5 v battery and wires. Makes sure that you don’t use the battery more than 1.5 v as it can damage the coils of your speaker.

Since the batteries are marked with the positive and negative terminals, it will help us determine in the car speakers too.


To start the process, you have to attach a short piece of wires to each of the terminals of the battery. Connect one with the positive and one with the negative; stick with the tape or any other material. Make sure that the wires are not loose so that the right analysis can be done.

Now attach both the ends of the wires to the speaker terminals. If you don’t see any voice or activity in the speakers than it means that the speakers are not attached to the right terminals. Therefore you have to repeat the process with the other terminal, connect the positive terminal to the other one and do the same with the negative one. You can see some action now which is also known as the blown speakers which are results due to the power supplied in the voice coil. Buy Generic Cialis

When the speaker terminals are connected either the right terminals of the battery, it will move out which means the alignment is correct or the battery is attached to the right terminals.

Make sure to mark the terminals and its points, which mean that the terminal which is connected to the positive end of the battery is a positive terminal of your car speaker and the end which is attached to the negative is the negative terminal of your speaker. You can write with any marker or pen on the back of your speaker, near the terminals that which end is + and which one is –.


Before installing the car speakers by yourself, you may find difficult to know the terminals and its charge that is why usually people either go to the mechanics or the speaker installation garages to get the job done. When it comes to installing the car speakers, it is straightforward, convenient as well as saves lot of money when you do it yourself. Follow these methods to know the terminals and you are right to do the job by yourself comfortably in your garage which only requires a battery, and it can help you determine the terminals as many times as you want.

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