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Imagine today’s world without a single technology, wouldn't it be boring and difficult to do all the stuff? Sure, it will be because we are so much dependent on the different gadgets that a day can't be completed if not used mobile or laptop whether for playing games or educational purposes.

As those things which are beneficial have some flaws too. Similarly, this article has described all the pros and cons of gadgets, especially in the student's lives. Sip your coffee and enjoy reading!


Some Interesting Benefits of the Technology:


1- Telecommunication Becomes More Convenient:

Those students who are living far away from their homes can easily contact their family and friends whenever they want to. Group studies with mates, video calls are a source of interacting in this corona times also when people can't even think to meet physically. No doubt the use of electronic devices made it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to connect with people who they consider important. Also, it is helping in the studies to discuss important topics over the phone or chat.


2- Find Online Academic Help And Guidance:

In the old times when the internet was not so famous and very rarely used but in the modern world, anything can function without it. So students call it a benefit because they can access any information around the world even though not buying books as there are plenty of platforms available online which contribute positively in their studies or in those particular subjects which they think difficult to complete. The responsibility of utilizing the gadgets is on the users to operate it effectively and by making sure that they are practising in the right direction as nobody will always be looking after them. Students need to understand that this is a kind of blessing.


3- A Way To Be Entertained Plus Informed:

There are hundreds of incidents taking place, good news circulating over, somebody is celebrating success while others are trying to meet both ends. By simply watching television, everyone can be well-aware about the things going on currently to be prepared and take the necessary precautions. Just like the news of the outbreak of COVID-19 was shared through the news channels and internet which make the people understand what measures are significant to be taken at that time. Students can watch documentaries that cover all the data that they didn't concentrate on in class. In this way, academic topics can be remembered conveniently.


Few Negative Impacts of Gadgets:


1- Excess Use of Social Media:

 Since mobile homes are becoming so common, parents themselves gave smartphones to their children so that they can be connected with them as they go out for studies or jobs. The majority of students take advantage of this and waste their time on games, chatting with their friends. It is good to have some free time but this would be accepted so as not to keep a balance between things. This is important to give equal time to studies, everything comes after and afterwards.


2- Rise in Serious Health Issues:

 It is the research that the ray emitted from laptops, mobiles, and other gadgets damage many things. Students who spend extra time in front of screens get eyesight problems, some become obsessed with sitting all day, others develop some sort of behavioural changes and the rest become back patients because of the wrong postures which make them ill. There is no second thought that electronic devices are also increasing medical symptoms in students which cause their daily life affected by this.


Try to Learn How to Use Devices for Personal Improvement

 Electronic devices are becoming common for handling things in life which makes the task much easier to finish and human beings can also get help by their existence. Machines are way faster than anyone can think, a long and time-consuming work can be done in minutes with efficiency within the right usage of technology. Focus on developing things more.


About The Writer:

 Jenifer David is a continuous learner. All her life she believed to do my dissertation for me and always think positively by observing the good things from the surrounding. Her extraordinary skills in making students understand the right implementation of education is truly amazing. 

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