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Powerful and Dedicated Servers of Hostnoc

cheap dedicated servers

Hostnoc is a US-based company that is doing business in processes that help their client’s website running. It is basically a web hosting company and is doing all the services related to it.  The services Hostnoc provides are flexible, reliable, powerful and fast. Quality is never sacrificed for the quantity, therefore many of its clients are satisfied, which can be evidenced through various testimonials on its main website.

The mainstay of Hostnoc:

One of the most efficient services it has is the strong but affordable server management as Hostnoc specializes in the area of Dedicated Server. A dedicated server is tasked with storing and hosting the client’s data only on one machine. Most of the times they are colossal in size and have to fit into a large-scale place like a warehouse. Many of the servers installed together in a warehouse, in fact, can be called data warehouses.

The features of dedicated servers by Hostnoc:


Various security equipment and mechanisms have been installed for the servers to keep the data save from some unforeseen events. Security is accrued at every level of the server processes and ensures no one is hurt.

24/7 Support:

Hostnoc staff is always working round the clock, which helps it keep the satisfaction of an existing customer steady. The customer response is quick and at times can also be assuring.  It takes no more than 30 minutes to get the response back to the calling customer. The support and technology related to customer support are built in-house, especially the workers.

Backups are held every day:

Losing data can be a huge loss for any company especially when everything relies on that very data (for example Zara relies its business on extensive data).  To help curb the loss of important data for the companies, Hostnoc dwells in every day and week-by-week backups that are automatic.

Faster responses related to server infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the dedicated server is also checked and monitored round the clock with special NOC Admin team specifically designed for this purpose. This team leads responsibilities for monitoring the infrastructure, and if faults are found the administrators of the server are alerted.

The dedicated servers:

The cheap dedicated servers (when compared to other companies) and the best value/performance related servers of Hostnoc are both Window based and Linux based. Both of the operating systems are excellent for extensive and professional server/web-hosting.

The servers are made from high-end technology including the Dual Intel Xeon Quad 8 Core microprocessors, which makes them incredibly fast and highly efficient.

The Servers are offered in 3 ways; one is called a Budget Server (cheap dedicated servers). The others are called Best value (provides the best value) and performance (the best performance) respectively.

All of them are denoted with some codename like HN-B1 for the first one of the budget servers and also have different features while also a different price (based on features). The budget servers are in $44 to $55 range, while the best value goes from $59 to $90 range and the performance ones go from $89 to $250.

The server machines including the cheap dedicated servers can also be ordered as custom-made servers much to the pleasure of Hostnoc clients.

An award-winning dedicated service:

As a hosting company, the prestigious Finances Online awarded Hostnoc for Great User Experience and the Rising Star award. This lays the foundation of the fact the service of Hostnoc is fantastic and the staff is dedicated.

How Hostnoc compares to other dedicated server companies:

The main rivals of Hostnoc are ServerDeals and InMotion Hosting because of their products and services being similar to Hostnoc. All three companies are experts on cheap dedicated servers and dedicated server processes.

The quality may be the same but the prices of ServerDeals and InMotion are way higher the Hostnoc. This may be why the Hostnoc maybe the best choice for web hosting and server services.

Hostnoc runs their dedicated servers on one of the largest cloud platforms and their clients both big and small. The one advantage Hostnoc has is that its servers are based on both Windows and Linux while the other two either has Linux based servers or the Windows-based.

Hostnoc’s Cloud Services:

Apart from the server management, Hostnoc is also well versed in cloud services that are flexible and has fast performing cloud infrastructure for the clients. Having managed the services and support for Alibaba cloud services, and also through being a partner of Google and Azure cloud platform, Hostnoc has gained incredible expertise in cloud services.

Same as the servers the support for cloud services is 24/7/365 with quick setup and fantastic backup services.

Final words:

In conclusion, Hostnoc has a great future ahead in hosting business. The company is available for 24 days/ 7 weeks / and whole one year for the client if its services are taken up by that client. The expertise they have about the dedicated servers is incredible and the servers themselves are of best quality and high-end technology. The services from this company will be a great plus for the client who will buy their service.


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