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Cevirimvar online translation agency is extending its services to include technical translations

Technical translations are specialized form of documents that require both the knowledge of technical sciences and research from academics. For these reasons, the assistance from a professional translator is crucial for informing the audience with the correct interpretation of information. Oftentimes, technical texts can range from user guides to manuals that describe a product or service in depth. Companies and individuals must be able to communicate the scientific language in a way that is easily understood by the audience. recognizes the importance of technical translations and its impact on society. The agency is dedicated to finding an expert who can effectively communicate with the audience and share the written text in a communicable way.

Rely on the experts with the appropriate industry knowledge to facilitate the translation of technical texts

When it comes to the translation of technical documents, a professional translator must be aware of the specific type of language used in the discipline. Oftentimes, they are tasked with adapting technical terminology and to summarize the research findings conducted in academia into a legible context. With the high demand of industry-specific translations, is extending their services to include technical document translations. The agency will allocate an expert with the suitable experience and knowledge of the field to carry out the translation. The expert will identify technological terms and interpret them in an applicable way. They will always be aware of the target audience and ensure that they receive the scientific and technological information in a coherent manner. Most importantly, the agency will always verify that the final translation adheres to the correct requirements of the industry. This will ensure that the document is approved and successfully fulfills its intended purpose.

Variety of languages for the translation of specialized documents

As an agency operating in a global market, is prepared to offer clients with an abundance of language options for the translation of their technical documents. Their large network of specialists are all certified linguists with the mastery of a target language. The expert responsible for the translation process will apply their knowledge of specific grammatical structures and conventions in writing to effectively communicate with the target audience. Especially in the case of technical translations, the expert will ensure that the target language is a simplified interpretation of the technological language used in the source document. Regardless of the type of translation required, Cevirimvar’s experts will always convey a message that is an accurate representation of the original text.


At, there are several dedicated areas of service for the translation of industry-specific documents. The agency has been highly recognized as one of Turkey’s certified ISO translation company, and will always develop solutions that cater to the needs of every client. In addition to the types of services offered at Cevirimvar, an extensive range of languages are also available for the translation of documents. A specialist with the experience in the document’s respective field will work diligently with their clients to translate the text into various language combinations. Through the company’s online uploading platform, clients can gain access to the status of their translation and receive 24/7 assistance from the dedicated staff at Cevirimvar.

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Syandita Malakar
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