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Prashar Lake Trek - An Ideal Family Trek in Himachal

Surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley is a blue-water lake called Prashar. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The trek follows a charming trail through a forest and several rivulets. Meanwhile, one can enjoy the local culture as the trail goes through villages as well. The trek offers a 180-degree view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges.


For all those interested in design, the neighborhood temple of Prashar Rishi alongside the lake, with its own coined Himachali design, combines perfectly with the scene.


The Trek

  • Altitude: 6,050 ft (1,844 m) to 8,900 ft (2,713 m)
  • Time taken: 1 hour drive + trek for 5 hours, 7.05 km
  • Trek gradient: Moderate. Steep ascent for 500 meters followed by a gradual ascent for about 4 km. Another steep ascent for 3oo meters followed by an easy walk.
  • Water sources: Carry two liters of water. There is one water source at Til, around 2.6 km into the trek. You can refill your water bottles here.

The trail starts with a steep ascent for approximately 500 meters throughout open territory. You will realize that the valley around ur right.

Next, you input into a jungle, which mostly contains rhododendron. The course alleviates a bit here to turn into a slow ascent. Back in 400 meters, you hit a clearing from where you will receive the entire perspective of this Dhauadhar selection. Have a break. It is a fantastic place to click a few photos.

if you cross the clearing, the road enters a bamboo forest. It proceeds to ascend slowly. Once walking into the jungle for about 1 km, then you hit a different cleaning. Additionally, this is a fantastic place to have a rest.

From that clearing, the road gets on into the motorable road. Walk this for another 700 metres. Then you'll reach a location named Til. There are a whole lot of shops .

By Til, search the kachha street. Ascend on this to approximately 600 metres until you get to another little meadow. Split for lunch. The views are fantastic .

As soon as you get started hiking from your meadow, you will encounter apple orchards. Ensure that you don't sprout any apples. Once 700 metres, you'll cross the motorable road back again. From here, the road ascends steeply for 300 yards. This segment is somewhat strenuous. You achieve a clearing shortly after this.


Rest here for some time

The path here is level, accompanied by a brief ascent. In the conclusion of the segment, you will realize a gorgeous lake beneath. But this really is is not Prashar Lake. Proceed to the lake and then research around.

In the lake, then follow the mkotorable street for 1.7 km. You will see few homes before attaining Prashar. Have a turn as soon as you cross those. When you arrive at the border of the minimal floor, a gorgeou lake comes into perspective -- that can be Prashar.

Prashar lake is guarded by a weapon so that you can't enter it. There's a round, floating island within the lake. If you're fortunate, you may observe the island proceed as you're there.

There's a gorgeous temple dedicated to the beachfront Prashar alongside the lake. Its structure is distinctive and appealing.

Walk into the closest'best' in the lake to observe the sunset and then go back early the following morning to the sunrise. You get to view entire mountains from here such as Papsura along with Dharmsura. Hurry for the night in the dormitory.


Day two: Prashar Lake into Kantlu

Mostly descending course with few, brief ascents.

Water resources: Take 2 liters of plain water. You are able to clean your water bottles in the little pump which you hit 2.2 kilometers after beginning the trek.

Walk to the motorable lake out of Prashar lake f0r 1.5 kilometers. Out of here, depart the motorable street and turn to the best. That is a narrow route through grasslands. After 700 meters with this route, you will realize a little water pump home. This, is a totally quiet, beautiful location surrounded by woods. The single noise hear is that water. You are able to clean your water bottles.

The road enters dense woods out of here. There is another recreation after 500 meters, in which you have to spend the path on the best. The road descends gradually following the pump home. Once 1.2 km, you'll reach an ascent

The road enters dense woods out of here. There is another recreation after 500 meters, in which you have to spend the path on the best. The road descends gradually following the pump home. Once 1.2 km, you'll achieve an ascent. As soon as you blend this, a home lovely home set in a clearing looks from nowhere to a right. In the front of the home is a apple orchard, that can be full of apples May and June.


Behind the home is a gorgeous valley. You're able to observe the Dhauladhar selection, Mukila and Hanuman Tibba peaks out of here.


In roughly 200 meters in the home, you can cross the motorable street again and then enter a forest. This is stuffed with walnut, pine and rhododendron trees. Within 100 meters you'll reach a little village called Halgarh. This village has just a few homes. You receive a crystal-clear perspective of Kantlu along with the valley out of here.

Begin descending again in this stage. Within a short while, you realize a region of the course taken on Day 1. Follow this to achieve Kantlu, and it is two kilometers from Halgarh.


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