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Pre and Post Operative Jaw Surgery Instructions Every Patient Needs to Follow - By Dr. Rolle

If you are suffering from a bad bite due to misaligned jaws or suffering from a facial trauma that resulted in a broken jaw, it is necessary that you get jaw surgery done right away. When it comes to a complex procedure like jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery, it is necessary that you have all the information regarding your recovery and procedure.

Things to do Before and After Jaw Surgery

When you are looking for oral surgeons in my area in NC e.g. Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, for the procedure, there are several things that you will need to know. Firstly, you need to understand that this is a complex procedure and will take time for you to recover completely.

Now, there are different sets of pre and post-operative instructions that you should literally memorize so that you can be alright during the surgery. For more information, you need to read the following points.

Pre-Operative Instructions

When you are coming to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, you will get a consultation that will help you prepare for the surgery. You will receive the instructions for the pre-operative preparation so that you can get ready. The instructions will cover your diet, hygiene, and how you can use elastics after jaw surgery.

·       First, you will have to get the prescribed medicines right away. There might be medicines that you will have to start before the surgery or you will have to take that on the previous night of the surgery. So, follow that.

  •         Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.
  •         Before coming to the hospital, brush your teeth properly
  •         In case you have long hair, tie it up, preferably in two pigtails.
  •         Remove all kinds of makeup and nail polish when coming for the surgery.
  •      If you are going to opt for outpatient surgery, then wear something that can be opened with the buttons. You don’t have to pull it up over your head.
  •          Make sure that you are accompanied by an adult when you are coming for the surgery.

While Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., oral surgeon in Charlotte NC, will be performing the surgery, you will be completely sedated. So, you will not feel any kind of pain.

Post Operative Instructions

When your surgery will be done and you will be sent home, there will be some post-operative instructions that you will need to take care of. To know about them, read on to know more.

  • Once you come out of the effects of sedation, you will feel the excruciating pain in your jaw as well as your whole face. For managing the pain, the doctor will prescribe you some pain medication that you will need to take regularly. Initially, you might have to take these medicines every 6 hours. Later, the dosage will be adjusted.
  • You will be prescribed antibiotics so that no infection develops. Make sure you are completing the whole course. You might feel nauseous. So, for that, you will get prescribed medicine too.
  • During surgery, your nostrils will be filled with blood. Later on, it might get dried and cause congestion. You have to take nasal spray for breathing normally.
  • During the surgery, your lips will be pulled away. That will cause your lip cracking. For that, you need to apply moisturizer.
  • You might face difficulty sleeping. So, you can go for sleep medication as well as get prepared for drooling at the time of sleeping.
  • For at least a few months, don’t eat solid food that will make you chew. Initially, for one month, you will have to go on a liquid diet. Gradually, shift to a soft diet.

Don’t waste time as your pain and discomfort will increase day by day. Search for oral and facial surgery near me so that you can get the procedure done right away. 


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