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Pre Employment Assessments for Jobs in the IT Industry


Assessments are now a regular feature in many organizations. Enterprises are moving over to make use of the advantages offered by pre employment test tools. By making the test tools a major part of the recruiting process, enterprises are aiming to employ only the best candidates for the job.

When we use the term best, here it means that the candidate selected is skilled, knowledgeable, and fits the work environment of the enterprises. The candidate can handle the roles and responsibilities of the job and the organization. A skilled and experienced candidate may not be as productive as he/ she was in a previous job because the work environment is different. The assessment tests will help understand the skills of a candidate and also show if the person can work with other employees.

Most IT-based organizations work in teams. Being a team player and working with people with varied personalities is a crucial factor. Especially, if the tests are conducted for job positions such as Team Leaders or Managers, it is necessary that the candidate possesses a team spirit to handle a group of people for an extended time.

Pre Employment IT Test has helped enterprises in reducing the cost of hiring and the time taken to select a candidate for the job. Various companies provide assessment tools that enable enterprises to hire worthy candidates in less time. There are many advantages of using pre employment tests.

Research has indicated that resumes are quite unreliable. If 78% of the resumes have misleading information, more than 45% of the resumes were lies. The traditional method of hiring based on resumes and interviews has resulted in an increase of bad hire which in turn led to increased employee turnover. Enterprises began to feel the pinch of additional investment in the hiring process.

Imagine spending money to recruit candidates, train them, and pay them salaries. Then when the employees do not deliver the expected results, show no particular growth in the job, or leave the enterprise in less than a year, the recruiting has to begin again. Enterprises end up investing in the candidates only to get less or minimum in return.

But by using the well-developed and structured pre employment tests, enterprises can assess and ensure that the candidates selected are suitable for the job. They do not have to rely on resumes or formal background search to know about the candidate. The test form can be designed in a way to include questions that will give an insight into the behavior, personality, and cognitive abilities of the candidates. Let us take a look at the main advantages of using pre employment tests.

  • Improved Productivity
  • Productivity is directly linked to employee performance. If an enterprise is doing well, it automatically means that the employees are efficient. It provides an opportunity for the employees to grow with the business. The targets of personal success and business success are achieved. When a candidate with the right skills and attitude is selected, the person can work efficiently with others and add to the knowledge pool.
  • Overall Reduction in Costs Associated With Employee Turnover
    • Employee turnover is a common issue faced by organizations in today’s world. As killed employees are moving on to better opportunities, enterprises are being forced to select employees from the remaining. Though retaining employees requires more than pre employment tests, enterprises can take care and hire candidates who are willing to work in the long-term with a business. Also, when a selected candidate is happy with the enterprise, the chances of the person wanting to find better employment will be minimized. 
  • Efficient and Time-Saving Hiring Process
    • Most hiring processes take around 45 days to 90 days. And, this is not due to the lack of candidates. It is, in fact, the opposite. There would an overload of resumes and candidates that enterprises find it hard to segregate and filter them in the quest for the best employees. With pre employment assessments, the filtering process is streamlined. Any number of candidates can attempt the test and that too from their current locations.
    • The test forms are assessed by the system based on pre-defined criteria. The candidates who clear the test with the required score are shortlisted for the next round. The HR team doesn’t have to individually analyze the test forms. The risk of human error is reduced and so are the chances of favoritism. Any candidate who crosses the cutoff marks is eligible for the next round in the hiring process.

Voice and video interviewing is also a part of the pre employment assessment. Enterprises can conduct online video interviews before finally selecting the candidates for the job. The interviews can either be combined with other assessments or used as a stand-alone product.

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