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Precautions for Outpatient Total Knee Patients

An outpatient total knee replacement is an advanced substitute for the traditional inpatient care to reappear the damaged section of the knee. Orthopedics performs outpatient total knee surgery to replace the damaged part with an artificial surface in the outpatient setting.

This surgery is important to eliminate knee pain and help in recovery at home. The surgery generally takes one and a half hours to four to five hours. An incision is created on the front of the knee.

The bone that is damaged will be cleared away. Orthopedic surgeons prepare the surface and shape that will hold the new components aligned and secure to the shin-bone and thigh-bone. There are certain risks associated with this type of surgeries, so one should take certain precautions.

Pre Precautions for outpatient total knee

There are certain steps the patient must take before going to the outpatient total knee replacement surgeries:


The patient should exercise till the day of the surgery that helps in improving the strength of the patient and improve the range of endurance and motion. This will be helpful in successful outcome and fast recovery; orthopedic surgeons will help the patient in getting a good physiotherapist who can help in generating an exercise program.

Diet and Nutrition

The patient should maintain a healthy diet with proper nutrition before surgery to aids the healing process-

     Stay hydrated by taking plenty of fluids.

     Add more fibers in the diet to avoid situations like constipation. Consume foods like avocado, whole wheat pasta, red meat, peas, leafy vegetables, raisins and prunes.

     Eat foods rich in vitamin C that helps in absorbing iron. That food includes tomatoes, oranges, and cantaloupe.

     Consume calcium rich foods to keep bones strong like milk, dark leafy veggies, etc.

Eat light meals before the surgery to avoid the effect of anesthesia and medication combination that can result in constipation.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking causes problems like lack of breath and can increase the risk of medical complications. It may increase the risk of infection and can slow the recovery process. If the patient is involved in any such habit, they need to quit weeks before going through the surgery.

Post precautions of outpatient total knee surgery

The patient can return home on the same day, but they need to take certain precautions to get a fast and gradual recovery.

Wound care

It is advisable not to use any ointment, lotion, or cream on the wound, it needs to be open as long as there will be no significant drainage from the incision. Keep light dressing on the small drainage. In case the drainage continues for 7 days please call the doctor. The patient might need the protocol for rehab. The patient is allowed to take the shower after a week from the surgery.

Weight Bearing, Walkers, canes, and Crutches

After the surgery the patient should use walkers, crutches, or canes to avoid placing weight on the operated leg and avoid the discomfort, pain, and create the balance. These weight bearing instruments prevent the knee of the patient.


The patients who are preparing for the outpatient total knee replacement surgery should take better care of their health and need to customize the diet plan that includes nutrients, mineral,  vitamin, and calcium to get the recovery fast after the surgery. Outpatient total knee surgery is completely safe and helps in replacement with the advanced and proven technological method

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