Friday, December 1, 2023
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Get Precision Coin-Operated Weighing Scales For Accuracy

The accurate measurement of weight, be it of persons or goods, is a pre-requisite in any business or organisation that depends on such data to carry out various transactions. If you happen to visit places like an airport, railway station, bus terminal, or a hotel, chances are that you have come across coin-operated weighing scales present there. Installed by authorities that run such places these coin-operated weighing machines are part of the amenities that are meant for people visiting there.

Advantages of a coin-operated weighing scale

  • Can be used by any lay person without any help from others
  • No need to keep any staff attending to these machines
  • Can be a money spinner
  • Used to measure the weight of a person or luggage

What if the machines give inaccurate readings?

However, you might have often found to your dismay that such machines installed in the above mentioned places do not necessarily give accurate readings. This can be due to irregular maintenance or worse, a manufacturing defect that has rendered the software present inside to give inaccurate results. Such a result, say that of a luggage, can put a person to inconvenience. And if the person happens to be a tourist then this is bound to leave a bad impression on him or her.

Salvage the situation by using HiWEIGH weighing solutions?

It will do a world of good for the place and authorities managing it if accurate scales are installed from a reputed coin-operated weighing scale factory like HiWEIGH. This Shanghai based company has over eighteen years of experience in innovation and development of weighing scales and bridges. These scales / bridges are capable of accurately measuring a range of weights - from the minutest 0.01mg to the mega 200 ton.

Features of a coin-operated scale from HiWEIGH

Stainless steel pan: Provides a solid base of the size of 400 x 500mm upon which a person or luggage can be placed for weight measurement. Besides, a stainless base steel wouldn’t develop rust that easily when compared to an iron one.

High capacity: The scale is able to measure up to 200kg and has an accuracy rate of 50gm.

Suitable to all coin types: The machine accepts all types of coins even the UK pound. Thus, these machines can be installed at all places across the world.

Can’t be manipulated: Once the coins are inserted their numbers cannot be manipulated or reset. In other words, the machine will show the exact number of coins that are present inside.

LED display: The weight readings in digital form can be clearly read with units of Kg/lb on a 0.8” LED display.

Wide ranging usage: These machines can be used to accurately measure the weight of individuals, luggage, and commodities.

Quality Certified: These machines are CE certified, which means they conform to the exacting standards of health, safety, and environment as required under the European Economic Area.


For installation of accurate coin-operated weighing scales in airports, hotels and other places, the same should be procured from a quality source like HiWEIGH.

Avail a number of quality certified China weighing terminals for industries such as food processing, laboratory solutions, livestock farming, manufacturing and transport, medical and health, and stores and supermarket. The China weighing terminal of HiWEIGH is backed by OIML/NTEP certified load cells.
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