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Preparations for Post-Military Job Searching

5 Preconditions for a Successful Transition from Military Life

Rolling off the base in a short while means getting your DD-214 in hand, styling the hair however you like, and searching for the very first job to land as a civilian. There is one common mistake of thinking that military experience and a college degree can bring the best roles. This path is as varied as can be and mostly depends on your previous background and current intentions.

Before you find reputed professional resume writers for the military to civilian resume, there will be several things to do while on active duty to go on the right track. Here are five universal pointers that will be helpful today to exceed successful transition expectations tomorrow:

#1. Start the Ball Rolling Right Now.

Following a rule of thumb makes $10,000 real to get for each month spent on the maintenance of your career prospects. If you adjust the figures to get a standard annual income ($40,000) paid, you’ll see, that the average period of active career planning together with networking, resume updates, and job-seeking equals 4-8 months. Don’t miss a day!

Putting off your post-military career preparations until your final days of active duty is a bad idea. You should devote enough time and put more effort into your search for post-military jobs, leaving no chance for procrastination. Develop a strategy for your transition and spend near two hours working on it daily to invest in that big job opportunity about six months totally.

#2. Identify Lacunas & Fulfill Gaps.

Though nobody denies serving your country to be a noble accomplishment, it should never be regarded as a blank check entitling you to any job you want. The most admirable ‘two decades plus’ experience of veterans might mean the same gig as for recent graduates entering the industry. That military experience you’ve got will always be your benefit for the military-friendly employers but never guarantees to get auto-hired. 

All recruiters wait for a demonstration of your true market value. Start with the identification of gaps in your professional network and skills. You should find someone who can hook you up with interviews, putting you in front of hiring managers. This is a good self-evaluation test with feedback to show whether your resume is readable, you are employable, and your credentials are essential to provide the right moment for the transition. Don’t forget about your possibility to enroll in affordable online college programs at different colleges.

#3. Be Aware of Your Odds.

A lot of ex-servicemen apply for openings that require certain experience they haven’t or a higher degree than they have. It makes major of them wonder why employers don’t want to recognize their qualifications. The motivation of your doing right the same in the military is way off the mark. Rigorous recruitment and selection process gives the preferences to those candidates who meet all employer’s requirements in this competition.

Face life, it’s better not to waste a minute applying for a hundred roles in which you are far from being a competitor. Stop at ten positions with a higher probability of being invited for an interview. Don’t forget to translate your resume from the military-English, explaining what you did and where you did it in terms civilians can understand before they will even consider hiring you.

#4. Dig into Health Care Programs.

To get available treatment resources and stay healthy don’t put aside medical assistance. It’s better to avoid facing the Veterans Administration’s challenges with the pile of claims. You need to take on the task of personal restitution while health service goes much better before the transition to civilian life. The greatest problem is a hard sell of claim adjudication with the VA, concerning lack of evidentiary support for service-connected issues.

You should get everything documented, copied, scanned, and saved right now. Prepare two copies of your medical and dental records a year before your retirement. Let DAV, AMVETS, or American Legion start reviewing your record to get guidance on filing your claim with the VA at least 6 months before the terminal leave. After everything gets done, visit the VA workshop for earlier submission of your package.

#5. Involve Your Partner in Discussion.

You may come across different opportunities that demand certain lifestyle adjustments while you transition from military service to civilian employment. It would be disappointing to miss a job offer that matches either geographic or salary preferences just because you haven’t discussed with your spouse the probability in advance.

Factors like moving, traveling, or working odd hours can have an impact on your significant one’s career path and the needs of the children. To hold your marriage you should weigh together the pros and cons of employment conditions, staying on the same page regarding all aspects before you accept any job offers.

Final Thoughts

Servicemen usually hold great retirement ceremonies, requiring planning and arrangements.  But it is more crucial to initialize civilian employment preparations well in advance with the same zeal to support through the transition. A lot has changed in the job market over the last few years. The update for ex-military includes the need to stay competitive candidates, maximizing transferrable skills and experience before terminal leave.

Moving into the civilian is a slog, that can be both an exhilarating new opportunity and a challenging transition. It will take much time to self-assess, explore options, narrow and value the options, and create a plan that assists you in making the employment part of the transition easier. With due diligence, it is possible to transform your military experiences into satisfying civilian employment.

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