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Preparing Up Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook advertising is without a doubt one of the most popular types of online marketing. In fact, it's fast becoming the leading choice for businesses looking to advertise their products and services. For many reasons though, you may be wondering how to go about preparing your first campaign. While there are plenty of pros and cons associated with this form of advertising, there's one that applies to everyone: quality content. The purpose of an ad isn't to sell something, it's to get the user to take action - in other words, to place an order with the business.

To do this, you'll need to create a page that your target market will be interested in viewing. It should be designed to interest them enough that they want to learn more about your company, as well as what you can do for them. Remember, these ads won't appear randomly. You'll only be able to post them when you're willing to guarantee the results that you're promising. If you're not ready to put in the effort that's required to make sure they're only displayed on people who are interested, then you're wasting your time.
How to create a shareable post on Facebook?

Check Your Page

Before you go about placing ads, make sure that your page has all the proper components in place. Facebook features a wide variety of elements including headers, titles, and images that all go towards promoting your brand. Make sure you include keywords that relate to the product or service you're trying to promote as well. This will ensure that the ads generated are targeted and therefore more likely to result in the users clicking on them and purchasing from your company. Remember to also test out your advertisement on a variety of browsers so you can see which versions of Facebook your site is showing up on the most.

Set Up an Account

The next step to prepping up your first Facebook ad is to set up an account with the social network. You don't have to become a member but it's helpful to have an account for this purpose anyway. You can create a fan page, a group or a page just to name a few options. It might even be helpful to start a blog as this is another way of reaching a larger audience.

Once you've set up a profile, begin collecting information regarding your customers. Be as specific as possible by filling out their age, gender, and location. You'll want to gather as much data as possible so that you can make a good sales pitch for your product. Remember that this is not your website so you can't expect people to buy something from you there. Provide lots of helpful, relevant content about your company.

Make sure your profile is easy to access and navigate. Your ads need to be noticeable enough to draw attention, but they should also be subtle enough to still get the job done without overwhelming your visitors. Using Flash is an option that many advertisers are using to help make your ads stand out. Make sure your website is optimized with relevant keywords so that visitors can find you easily when they do a search. Advertisers who take this step also note that more clicks means more conversions which increases your chances of making a profit.


With your ad ready to go, you need to make sure that you're ready to go after the customers. Use a landing page that is interesting and catchy. Your title and description need to grab their attention. A good call to action will be necessary too. Making sure you follow through on what you've written in your ad is critical.


If you're new, you'll need to understand that it takes time to learn how to do this properly. There are lots of great tutorials and tips online that will help you get the hang of it. Do lots of practice runs until you feel confident. That way you'll know that you're ready to launch your first Facebook ad campaign.

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