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Preventive Measures to Take Before Visiting Dubai Aquarium

Preventive Measures to Take Before Visiting Dubai Aquarium ec8d4d27

Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo have issued new safety protocols for visitors post-COVID-19. As predicted, life is resuming but with considerable changes. From the workplace environment to sports, entertainment and visits, everything is affected. Although the experiences are the same, Dubai Aquarium has new safety measures in place. These protocols must be respected and followed since they are for the safety of the visitors. This article will mention the basic preventive measures imposed at Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo. Keep scrolling to learn!

General Health and Safety Precautions:

Different parks and entertainment spots are redefining their hygiene policies and standards to ensure cleanliness. One of these spots is Dubai Aquarium which is the focal point for entertainment all over the UAE. However, if you plan on paying a visit there, you must give this article to read to know what their safety protocols are.

1. Safety for kids:

Most kids confront issues while the rest of the family is enjoying themselves. Dubai Aquarium has a solid plan in place to make your kids safe and secure. Some of the safety protocols for kids are:

·        Kids under the age of 12 are not allowed without their parents or guardians.

·        Kids aging 0-2 years are not allowed in the glass-bottom boat since it can be dangerous for them.

·        Kids aging 0-2 are not allowed in activities like cage snorkeling.

To make the aquarium a kid-friendly area, the management allows free entry to kids under the age of three. Are you interested in paying a visit soon? Great! Buy your tickets today, and don't forget to wear a face mask!

2. Pregnant women:

Women with babies are allowed to go in but are restricted from such activities. The restriction is for the better of the woman and her baby. Activities like cage snorkeling and glass-bottom boat are restricted for pregnant women. Despite complaining, the women should follow the rules to ensure their safety.

Safety Measures post COVID-19:

Since the pandemic outbreak, Dubai Aquarium is welcoming back the visitors but with some strict safety protocols in place this time. General preventive measures imposed after the pandemic are:

1. No Mask, No Entry:

As a common indicator, we see the phrase too often these days. Not only for workspaces, a face mask is necessitated for entertainment spots also. Dubai Aquarium does not allow entry for anyone without a face mask.It is recommended to go there with a face mask since it will ensure your and others' safety. The best practice is that you take hand sanitizers with you since you will be touching too many things.

2. Temperature Checkup:

Before entering the aquarium, visitors will undergo a temperature checkup at the site. It is an attempt to save you and others from the virus since too many people will be there. Despite being healthy and fine, you still need to undergo a checkup. It is a safety protocol imposed by the management of Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo.

3. Sanitize Your Hands:

Another safety rule is washing and sanitizing your hands regularly throughout your journey. Although sanitizers are provided at the Aquarium, it would be better if you take your own. Since you will be touching too many things and persons, sanitizing is necessary.

4. Buy Tickets Online:

To avoid long queues and crowds, the management has decided to sell online tickets. People can buy their tickets online, avoiding any health-related risks and issues. Apart from being a safety protocol, online ticketing is also a feasible option for visitors. So, stop thinking and book your Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo tickets online. Hold on! A face mask is necessary.

5. Social Distance:

While in the zoo, keep a distance of at least two meters from others. Social distancing protocol is highly applicable in crowded areas like the underwater zoo. To ensure your kids' safety, keep a minimum of two meters of social distance from others.

6. Pay without contact:

Another protocol emphasized by Dubai Aquarium is the contactless payment of tickets and other charges. Since touching and shaking hands are strictly prohibited, visitors can pay their amount using electronic services like bank transfers and online payments.

7. Stand on the stickers:

While making a queue inside the underwater zoo, it is mandatory to stand in the pointed areas. The stickers are placed socially distant, and the visitor must stand over them.

Complying with these safety measures is legally mandatory. Someone spotted violating these stated rules will face legal consequences.

Explore the aquatic world with your kids by visiting Dubai Aquarium:

Walking underwater with giant animals like Sharks beside you is fantastic. It is the best place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Buy your tickets online and take your family for an adventurous day.

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