Primary Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Detailer

Car Detailer

Your car is probably one of your most precious possessions and your style statement too! How-so-ever old it might be, you will not want others to know its age, right? If that's the case, then you must invest time and money on its regular maintenance. 

A daily dusting, and cleaning along with a thorough monthly cleaning is a great way to keep your car in shape and to ensure its performance. But, to give your vehicle a brand new look and to ensure its long life, you must hire a car detailer. They have the right knowledge, accompanied by tools to give the best upgrade to your vehicle, but don't get swayed by their competitive offerings. Be very careful when selecting a car detailer in gold coast, because a small incorrect selection can tend do significant damage to your costly investment.

Confused about how to select the appropriate car detailer? Let's help you.

Primary factors to consider in a car detailer


You will often find mobile car detailers, not necessary, that they are not efficient. But, before you hire them, check the products that they use, the way they deal with your concerns, their certification, and their previous experience. If you are convinced with the tools and attitude, they are a great option to hire mostly because you won’t have to drive your car anywhere else, and can get the detailing done at your convenience. 


Any company or businessperson is bound to speak highly about his service, but it’s your responsibility to authenticate the same. And in the world of the internet, checking reviews is not a challenging job. Go through as many reviews as possible, and focus more on the negatives! All 5-star reviews are also something that should ring a bell in your head. 


A great source is your friends and neighbors – ask them if they know any car detailer and how they like the service.


Many start-ups, inexperienced, and ill-equipped car detailers may be willing to give you their service at a less price – but are you ready to risk your car for a few grands? Low-quality tools and materials are potential enough to cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

Then others give a quotation without seeing your car – stay away from these too. Ideally, a car detailer can provide a quotation only after inspecting your vehicle, because they need to know the exact problems with it. And only then they will be able to confirm the price depending on the amount of work required on it and the types of materials that they will need to use.  

Having said that, negotiation is accepted here too, so you can bargain with the price quoted by the detailer and take quotations from more than one.

Materials and equipment

A renowned car detailer will always be willing to take you through his workstation, and he will never hide the tools and materials he uses for car detailing. It's because they understand the importance of good quality and universally approved products, and they never compromise on it.


Car detailers, like any professional, will not move back from taking ownership of their service. But, imagine a health practitioner saying you over a telephonic discussion, that you will recover within a day with you – is it ever possible? The same goes for a car detailer – he cannot commit until he sees the exact condition of your vehicle. He needs to understand the work that he needs to do, and only then he can commit. Someone guaranteeing quality work without seeing your car might be a catch!

Time commitment

Precise and exhaustive detailing of a car generally takes about 5 hours. So, if a detailer promises to complete the job in an hour, we doubt the quality of his work. 

We understand the importance of time, but you cannot rush through everything – and surely not through car detailing. You are investing money on a pricy investment of yours, why not spend some time too and get the most desired result?

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