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Principles and benefits of green buildings

The Green building initiative is a sustainable approach towards an environment where both development and a healthy environment can coexist. Green building principles aim to enhance the community's well-being by providing a clean environment to the occupants. Green building principles ensure the following checkpoints:

  • Design for livable communities

  • Using solar power and other such clean fuels for building's power needs

  • Ample amount of heating, cooling, and daylighting features in a building

  • Building quality and durable structures

  • Reducing waste from constructing these buildings

  • Recycling the waste acquired from building construction

  • Proper insulation and ventilation throughout the building

  • Adopting healthy and safe building practices

  • Using energy-efficient resources

  • Applying water saving methods

  • Using the latest technologies to achieve the goals mentioned above

To summarize the above points, green building principles aim to achieve livable communities through energy-efficient and resource-conserving methods.

Homeowners are the greatest benefactors of green buildings. Adopting green building tactics results in the improved quality of homes and contributes to the homeowners' financial savings. Every small step towards sustainability matters. While individual benefits may depend upon the extent of the green building measures implemented in a building, here are some common benefits of green building initiatives:

Financial savings

By adopting green building methods, your homes become energy efficient. This is good in the long run. Your houses would generate
lower electricity and water bills. Also, with the well-placed ventilation and lighting sources, you would contribute to the environment. This means that you would be doing your bit for sustainability while enjoying reduced bills. And with the depleting sources of energy and the available sources becoming expensive with every passing day, an efficient home is an asset to cherish for years to come. 

In many states, homes that conform to green building standards are eligible for lower mortgage rates under the green financing scheme. This gives more purchasing power to the customers.

More comfort

Your home is bound to get more comfortable as it would be receiving year-round sun exposure, ambient lighting and temperature, and lower utility bills. These are only some of the widespread benefits from a long-running list of advantages you enjoy with a green home. One of the critical aspects of green building principles is to ensure that space is used optimally and there is no lack of comfort in the building. Green homes also facilitate natural cooling as well as heating of the houses during extreme weather conditions. So this is an added advantage. And with tight insulation and energy-efficient appliances in the home, you would not have to worry about a comfortable and economical home environment.

Healthier living

In most of the buildings, the waste excreted is the harmful chemicals. These toxic chemicals can be the cause of many health problems when they are not dumped properly. For example, most of the furniture in homes and offices is manufactured with the help of formaldehyde adhesives. These adhesives can be the source of objectionable gases and can release in your homes slowly over the years. Formaldehyde is a popular carcinogen and is thus very harmful to your family's health. The off-gas from formaldehyde can also cause watery eyes, blurry vision, nausea, and fatigue. Paints and floor finishes also contain these adhesives. Hence, it is not good to have such carcinogens at your home.

To enjoy the benefits mentioned above, make sure that you choose a green building or build a house from scratch for green building certification. To know more about green building certification, click here

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