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Effective Means to Resolve Your Prior Authorization for DME


With the increased demands of DME items due to the temporary gap where Medicare beneficiaries may receive DMEPOS items from any Medicare-enrolled suppliers whereas the prior authorization process still being the same, had made things difficult for healthcare providers. As even though with the rising demand peoples will still experience delayed due to the prior authorization process.

Even though the delay or the denial in the prior authorization process has no specific reasons still it is noted that incomplete and incorrect information, lack of trained resource, irregular follow up and expensive treatment are sometimes noted as some of the reasons of delay and denial.

The initial work of a healthcare organization is patients care denial and delay in prior authorization process not only deteriorates the healthcare clinical aspect but also have a negative impact on the patient's physical and mental states.

According to AMA, more than 80% of the physicians find prior authorization process frustrating as it takes up a lot of time from the physicians and also shift the attention from the patients care. This is why finding an outsourcing organization that expertise in prior authorization process becomes essential.

Sunknowledge Service Inc with excellent visibility and proven expertise for more than 10 years, experts in such prior authorization services ‘PriorAuth Online’. A complete authorization process starting from authorization request, follow up and approval along with

  • Name, date of birth, insurance details of the Patient/subscriber
  • Servicing provider information details (LAB)
  • Ordering provider information details
  • Place of Service
  • Procedure / CPT codes
  • Diagnosis codes
  • The estimated date range for Pre-authorization

Our team also deals with payers contact requirements with

  • Determine the process for prior authorization request submission, that is through fax, portal, phone, etc.
  • Contact for UM/Pre-Authorization department
  • Fax to send medical notes
  • Expected turn-around time
  • Limitations/exceptions (if any)

Leverage Sunknowledge benefit and its ‘PriorAuth Online’ facilities with operational transparency and reduction in errors and duplication. We also guarantee a 100% Prior authorization submission on the same day also as well increase in the current rate of prior authorization by 1.5-2x.

Apart from hospitals prior authorization for DME, radiology genomic lab etc our experts also specialized in Rx, Dx entry along with patient’s demographics insurance and other necessary details. Eligibility verification, collection of complete Rx and the documents required for authorization approval is also part of our service.  Our services do not end here it also has experiences in submission, rejection/denial management all as a standalone/end to end services.

So call our expert over a ‘no commitment call’ and experience streamline operation with increased profitability for your prior authorization for DME and other medical billing services.  A 99% accuracy rate, no cost dedicated account manager and highest productive metric along with the lowest service rate $7 per hour in the medical billing market is rare to find. For more information, we are just a call away!

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