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Private Security And Its Advantages

Private Security

What is Private Security?

It is defined as private security to all goods and services offered by P private individuals and legal people, to protect their customers (their assets and property) damage and risk, to assist them in case of crimes, accidents or disasters, and collaborate in the investigation of crimes that involve them. Clients can be individuals or legal entities, public or private.

Private Security usually works in an auxiliary and complementary way to Public Security and requires prior authorization, license or permission issued by the corresponding authorities, some of the main actors of the Private Security are Security Guards, Private Escorts, and official specialists in the different specialties of security guard services, etc.

Advantages of Private Security

  1. Watch in unoccupied hours

The moments of greatest risk in a company, when there is a greater probability of vandalism or criminal acts, are during unoccupied hours when the staff has finished their workday and they return to their homes. It is in this situation when it turns out it is of vital importance to have security guards, given that they offer you the benefit of monitoring your company during those periods.

Have these professionals it allows both to avoid criminal acts, as well as to make the intrusion in the establishment less desirable since criminals can be trapped. However, this supervision also serves to detect disasters such as fires or floods, resulting in timely action to prevent further damage.

  1. Professional training

Since these professionals have been evaluated by a company, it is guaranteed that they are fully qualified to carry out all their activities in a professional manner and with knowledge of the Private Security Law in a situation of risk.

Private security agents are trained in techniques of self-defense and use of weapons, so if a situation of risk and stress happens they can use this knowledge if necessary. It is for this reason that it is very important to have professionals in this sector since the integrity of the assets, employees, customers and general security of the company depends on them.

  1. Comply with the rules

In a company, it is not only important to prevent criminal acts from happening, but also that the regulations are complied with since incidents are also avoided in this way. The security guards, for example, can provide this auxiliary support service, with which they will ensure to corroborate the identity of your employees and that they only enter permitted zones and that the rules are complied with, maintaining order.

  1. Employ automated equipment

This staff takes advantage of automated equipment to increase security in your company, such as radios, computers, intercoms or video cameras, which help to make the surveillance more extensive, that several areas are monitored simultaneously, that the vigilantes communicate with each other and, if a criminal act occurs, to correct the problem in a faster and more efficient way.

Thanks to all these elements, the surveillance of the company are much more efficient.

  1. Summary

The biggest advantage of having protection systems in your company is the security provided.

Because the staff is qualified, uses automated equipment, enforces the rules and monitors the environment at all times, the result of all this is effective protection and safety.

This is more feasible due to the support of the State Security Forces and Corps, who will monitor the actions of the private security guards and assist in case of incidents.

Taking into account all that has been described, we can see the great number of advantages available to have professional private security services.

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