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Productive Carpet Cleaning Methods to Clear Difficult Stains

Stains don’t look good at all, whether they’re on your clothes, furniture, or even carpets. It’s even worse when they’re on carpets because on other stuff they can still be washed or wiped off, but neither technique works on a carpet. And it’s the worst when the stains are tough. You can’t help but just remove the carpet from the floor until you succeed in finding a solution.

Well, here’s a piece of good news. Your living room/bedroom floor need not sit bare anymore. We’ve got some useful techniques for you which will help bid adieu to your carpet stains forever. And not just that, your carpet’s going to look new as ever too.

Different Ways to Clean your Carpet

There are essentially two means you can get on to doing this task –

Try a few home remedies for the carpet cleaning (which we’ll be talking about later in this section), and Professional deep cleaning of carpets

Now, you may choose either, keeping in mind your specific need, convenience, and of course budget (but let’s not forget here that your carpet comes expensive too and you’d want the best maintenance for it). Therefore, we recommend going in for professional cleaning methods for some pertinent reasons explained below.

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Why to Go for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Your carpet will live longer. Believe it or not, deep cleaning services carried out by professionals at least once a year bestow life extension to your carpet. This is because professional deep cleaning not only helps free the carpet of tough stains (which may or may not completely disappear with home cleaning), but also removes accumulated dust, dirt, allergens, etc., residing in your carpet since ages.

Healthy carpets make healthier homes. True that. As soon as your carpet is free of all disease-causing bacteria and the like, you tend to keep healthy. Remember that sometimes even weekly vacuuming isn’t enough. Dust and dirt tend to seep quite deeper than you’d think.

Professionals have the required expertise to clean the toughest of stains. It could be anything – tea, coffee or wine spills, mud stains, ink splash, or pet staining – you name it and it’s gone, all in a jiffy! What’s more, there’s not a single residue left after the service. Your carpet would look as if it was never stained at all!

Your room looks prettier than ever. Needless to say, the room that your carpet was adorning before it got all dirty, is going to look lovely again. The carpet not only gets sparkling clean but also enhances the overall look of the room.

Productive Carpet Cleaning Methods

Now that we know hiring professionals for cleaning your carpets is always a better choice, let’s look at some of the best techniques they follow.

Hot Water Extraction – It’s the popular steam carpet cleaning method you may have heard of. Your cleaning expert would use high-pressured hot water that reaches as deep as the carpet fiber and the dirt embedded therein.

Carpet Shampooing – As the name suggests, it involves shampoo-cleaning your carpet to free it of all dust and dirt, leaving a cleaner, softer, and beautiful-looking rug. However, the technique is not used as often as it used to be for one major drawback – it leaves behind huge wet foam residue which doesn’t dry up fast and even when it does, it gets sticky. This is because there’s no way to rinse off the shampoo after it’s done.

Encapsulation – Carpet shampooing was soon taken over by the modern encapsulation method, quite commonly used by professional cleaners today. Herein, synthetic detergents are used that crystallize into a powdered form upon drying up. Also, it’s much more cost-effective as it uses lesser water and therefore dries up faster too.

Bonnet Cleaning – True to its name, this involves cleaning up only the bonnet of your carpet, i.e., its top surface. A heavy motor machine with a spinning pad is used for cleaning. The pad is dipped into a cleaning solution that helps absorb all dirt from the carpet’s surface.

Dry Carpet Cleaning –This is what we all usually think of first as soon as stain surfaces on the carpet. Its immense popularity among both customers and professional cleaners alike is explained by the fact that it produces effective results and is also less time-consuming since it doesn’t need any dry-up time.


Home Remedies to Try for Carpet Stain Cleaning

Professional cleaning is definitely better, any day. But it may not always be possible to give away your carpet to professionals each time it gets soiled. For convenience reasons, you may want to have some effective tips handy at home for immediate results. Here they are –

Vinegar – It’s perfect for cleaning the stain and deodorizing the carpet too.

Detergent-based cleaning solution – Did you know that you can use your dishwashing liquid to remove water-soluble carpet stains like those of beverages and some greasy ones too like oil spills.

Baking Soda – Use a combination of white vinegar and baking soda. It’s best for not only stain removal but also frees your carpet of bad odor.

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Possible Reasons for Tough Carpet Stains

We know all about what best to do when you got a soiled carpet. Let’s take a quick peek into the most common reasons they become unattractive:

  • You accidentally spilled a hot or cold beverage. It could be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juice, or wine.
  • Your pet peed or pooped on it.
  • Your kid spilled ink over it while refilling his ink pen during homework.
  • The carpet stain could be an after-effect of last night’s party at home.

Summing Up

Carpet staining can happen all the time, especially when you have kids or pets. But worry not. It becomes easier when you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner. Just hand over your carpet to experts and then let them take care of everything else for you.

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