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Professional Services Provided by Accountants


In each difficult and beneficial financial condition, business firms, organisations attempt to be clever, nimble, innovative, and forward-looking thinking. Accountants in Surry Hills give good technical expertise and best enterprise experience to help consumers in addressing enterprise problems that proceed after providing normal audit service. Accountants offer bookkeeping,business advisory, self-managed super fund (SMSF) setup and tax return services. To be compliant with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), businesses may want to hire an accountant to make sure there are no mistakes when reporting.

The regulatory reporting procedure can be massive and may also fluctuate depending on the nature of business activities. There are various legal guidelines related to tax that adjust the reporting obligations. Business firms, organisations, and companies who are registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) are required to prepare a Business Activity Statement (BAS) on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to the ATO. Failure to lodge on time may lead to a monetary finewhich can increase day by day. Businesses who are under a company structure must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC).

Accountants in SurryHillscan help in setting up and maintaining the financial accounting function. They can also assist to make sure well-timed processing of accounting information, bookkeeping, and compliance of economic and income tax return reports. This way you can increase your efficiency and accuracy of the company’s accounts and also reduce the cost risk in the business.

Services provided by accountantsinSurry hills for initial setup of the business:

ü  Advice on the right business structure

ü  Setup of new accounting database for the accounts

ü  Maintenance of fixed assets register for future reference

ü  Maintenanceofthe company’s receivable and payable book (accounting reconciliation statement)

ü  Also well assist for issuing of sales invoices

ü  Well preparation of various accounting reports

ü  Doing cost accounting according to the  company’s need

ü  Giving good advice for expansion of business


Tax return compliance, also registration of the company with the income tax authorities


ü  BAS preparation and lodgement

ü  ASIC compliance

ü  Calculation of a monthly basis corporate income tax, installments of tax advances

ü  Calculation of one-off taxes every month

ü  Give time to time delivery of an above-mentioned tax return forms to the income tax official authorities

ü  Doing liaison with the income tax authorities

Making Statutory year-end closing statement of the financial year

ü  Making closing accounts for the business firm at the year ending

ü  Assistingin the closing reconciliation process of the business firms or company

ü  Maintaining the annual financial statement report as per the guidelines of the ATO and ASIC.

ü  Maintaining the annual reports of the commercial activities of the business firm

ü  Maintaining the annual company income tax returns or return files

ü  Giving support for external audits of the company’s financial statements.

Provide bookkeeping outsourcing and business advisory services:

Accountantsassist you in bookkeeping and business advisory service for the expansion of business and maintaining the accounting records for future reference. They can help you:

·         Keep ledger for accounting

·         Maintain account payable and receivable book

·         Maintain the company’s fixed or current asset accounting and bank accounting.

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