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Project Cargo: What Is It and How to Transport It

Like any other service, logistics are to face different difficulties and challenges. There is a category of orders that are carried out fast and easy and there is a category of cargoes that require profound prep work and significant technologies. Project cargo represents the type of freights that pose challenges to a forwarding company.

Project cargo or logistics implies the transportation of high-volume and high-price freights. Very often, to complete the shipment, various modes of transportation, non-standard containers, and equipment should be used. This option is a must for a wide range of businesses. The companies that deal with oil and gas, mining, energy, and construction have to transfer supplies and equipment both locally and globally.

There are several peculiar features of project cargo transportation you should pay attention to:

      Not every freight forwarding company provides this service.

Nowadays on the Net, you can find thousands of shipping firms. They promise you to deliver anything from anywhere, when it comes to real work it appears the company doesn’t have the need for a truck or warehousing space. Therefore, if you deal with project logistics, it’s necessary to clarify whether the selected forwarder is able to complete your order or not;

      It may take a longer period of time.

It’s clear that breakbulk and out-of-gauge freights require special treatment. Sometimes experts have to spend a couple of days in order to find proper trucks and containers. Global shipping is even more complicated. It’s necessary to coordinate agree on the use of versatile modes of transportation;

      You should be ready to pay more.

Unlike standard freights, over-weight variants require a case-by-case approach. The routes and vehicles are selected according to a specific case. It results in higher expenses.

No matter, how unique your project cargo is, you can still count on top-notch and effective shipping service. To avoid damages and losses, it’s necessary to take several steps. Firstly, pre-planning is a must. You should clearly realize that out-of-gauge items can’t be delivered with the help of standard trailers. As for international shipping, it’s important to rearrange timely uploading and downloading services at transitional warehousing sites.

Secondly, it’s important to set up reasonable deadlines. Although expedited trucking companies do everything possible to meet the deadlines, it’s better to start looking for an appropriate forwarder as early as possible.

As for the shippers you are going to cooperate with, there are a couple of aspects to consider. They have to provide not only timely but also safe and secure delivery. Non-standard items should be placed in proper containers in order to avoid possible damages.

There is one important thing you should consider. An effective contingency plan is a must. If something goes wrong with standard cargo, it’s difficult but possible to find a solution in a couple of hours. Yet, with project cargo the situation is different. Therefore, it’s better to make up a backup plan.

So, the transportation of project cargo is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. However, many industries are active users of this service. To avoid financial losses or damages for freight, you are to cooperate with credible shippers. 

Project cargo is a non-standard freight with unique characteristics. It’s often rather valuable. The transportation of such cargo requires the application of special vehicles and equipment. 


Crucial Information about the Transportation of Project Cargo: How to Avoid Losses

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