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How Promotional Coffee Mugs Can Boost Your Business?

In the era of cut throat competition, it is a fact that every company is trying to outdo other in terms of products and services on offer. There are many instances when the marketing campaign can make a lot of difference in making an idea a success or failure. People should be innovative to attract the attention of the niche audiences as they use numerous tools to accomplish the task. Probably one of the best and most popular alternatives is the usage of the promotional coffee mugs because the beverage is not only famous at home but also offices. Moreover, the landscape is dotted with coffee bars; therefore it can prove to be a simple and ideal marketing tool for the company. In fact, there are numerous advantages for the enterprises and some of them are enumerated as follows:

Long term association:

Everybody drinks coffee whether in the evening or morning; hence the mug is always situated in close proximity. As a result, the recall value is quite high and would go a long way in promotion of the products. After capturing the interest of the individuals, the chances of converting the business leads increases. Constant awareness is the primary aim of advertisements and the coffee mug helps to achieve the stated objectives without any special effort.

Superior to mailing and letters:

Printing logo and attractive message on the coffee mug is a novel way to advertise in the real world. Email marketing and mailing are also used but the chances of conversion are extremely low and sometimes users get irritated by the spam mail in the box. With the help of the mug, it is extremely easy to strike a rapport with the individual and attract the attention to a great extent. You can use the tool with great success at the trade shows that are frequented by large number of people. Launches as a promotional exercise, it goes a long way in building the brand value of the company.

Shape and size:

If you are gifting the mug as a souvenir, make sure that it is made of high quality material such as ceramic or steel. Cheap material may create negative impression on the users. Therefore make sure that the cup shines and glitters enough to attract the attention of all. In addition, the message needs to be innovative, catchy and must suit the work ethics of the company.


Individual using the mug trusts the company to make high quality products and services. One of the primary reasons for the mug to be a successful promotional tool is that it is given out for free. In addition, if the item is eye catchy the chances of boosting the sales in the future increases exponentially.

The most important advantage of giving out mugs is that it promotes brand loyalty among the users. It also reinforces the fact that the company is stable as unstable organization may not provide anything for free to the customers.

Long term usage:

Compared to TV advertisement, the mug is inexpensive and would stay forever with the users. The former is expensive but would not last even for a season as the new content replaces the old one. New advertising campaign requires more money and only a few companies have a huge financial advertising chest. If you are a small company with shoestring marketing budget, dishing out mugs is the best way to garner more customers in the long run.

As part of the advertising strategy, you can either give the mugs to the employees or to the prospective customers during events and functions.

Joseph Webb is an excellent blogger and philosopher, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more idea. He can be found on Google+, Facebook and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.
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