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Promotional Emails: Best Practices

One of the most effective ways to communicate with customers is email marketing. You will be able to stay in touch with users and notify them about the most important information. But in order for the target audience not to lose interest in your brand, you need to create advertising letters correctly. They have several parts that must be properly interconnected. The right email marketing platform will help you with this.

What are promotional e-mail?

Thanks to promotional letters, your customers will learn the latest information about special offers and other news from your company. You can use emailing solutions to notify them about:

    limited time promotions;

    special offers for regular customers;

    seasonal discounts;

    launch of a new product;

    arrival of goods;

    promotions for new customers;


    possibility of get free content - books, statistics, and so on;

    information about promotions.

Remember to keep your customers up to date so they keep abreast with news of your brand.

Tips for writing your promotional e-mail

After pre-setting the structure of the letter using the email newsletter system, you can proceed to the mass mailing. Pay attention to the tips below. They can affect users’ interest and increase the number of clicks on links in your email.

The value of information

Don't focus on the brand or the features of the company. The letter should contain a link, upon clicking on which the user can learn about your brand. And while reading the letter, it will be much more interesting for users to learn about the benefits and useful functions of a particular product.

Sender’s name

Please, include the sender's name, not the company’s one. It will be much more interesting for the user to communicate with a person and not with a robot. You can use your own name or colleagues’, it doesn't matter. Study preferences of your target audience before sending emails and choose the suitable sender’s name.

Don’t forget to indicate at the end of the letter who the sender is. If you are the CEO of this company, please indicate this and insert your signature. Contact information and a photo of the sender will increase the credibility of the brand.

Letter subject

Almost half of all emails in users’ mailboxes will be opened only if they have an interesting and attractive subject. Some of the words used in this field may be identified as spam, in which case the customer will only see your notification in the spam folder. The most commonly used word is “free”.

Choice of text for pre-header

As a rule, users see several levels of information before clicking to open a new email. These are the sender's name, subject, and pre-header. The latter doesn’t contain much data, but the meaning of the attached information will affect whether the client opens the letter. You have up to 140 characters available, in which you need to attach important information about the topic of the email.

The enterprise email marketing platform allow to layout the text in different forms, it all depends on the email program and device of the recipient. Information can be displayed below the subject line or immediately after it. It is rare for a header to appear in an email itself.

If you don’t fill in the head yourself, the email client will display the first characters of your letter. In this case, make sure that the beginning of your letter is interesting enough for the user.

Include your brand name in the headline

The first thing that the client sees after opening the letter is the title. Make sure it is interesting enough and doesn’t contain unnecessary information. You can use a standard headline with your logo and company’s name, or add a call to action button.

Slice up the letter

You shouldn’t send solid text and hope that the user will read it to the end. Long letters are difficult to read unless they are divided into paragraphs with subheaders. If necessary, add images and ordered lists, whatever to make the information easier to read.

Use visual effects

Every email should contain images and photos that will attract the user. Don’t use photos that can be found on every site. Take your own photos or create a beautiful and unique drawing. There are many free platforms for this that allow you to create unusual images with a minimum photo editing skills.

At the same time, don’t use too many pictures. They should complement your text. And don’t forget about the call to action; even the photo can contain a small caption motivating users to buy something or to go to the website.

To sum up

It is enough to spend some time creating a unique offer for your customers using the email marketing software platform once to see an increase in conversions. Follow these simple tips and get the most out of your marketing campaign.

You should also determine the purpose of your mass mailing and select the target audience that is interested in your products. Highlight the main points that will be of interest to your customers. Sign the letter, slice it up into small paragraphs with nice subheaders. Use visual effects to make it interesting for the user to read your newsletter. Include a call to action and enjoy the boost in sales.

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