Proper Care for Colored Hair: How to Maintain Color after the Dyeing Procedure


Hair is a particular part of beauty. At present, everyone, big or small, is losing more or less hair. There may be several reasons for this. Such as: hereditary, age, dandruff, side effects of any medicine, lack of nutrition etc. Because whatever it is, you must take hair care from now on. Many of us can't or don't know how to take care of our hair correctly. You don't take care of your hair now; there is a possibility of getting baldness on your head, which you will not want at all.

Colored Hair Care:

What do you think can hair dye cause hair loss? Yes, hair dye can also cause hair loss. If you don't dye your hair correctly, it can be one reason for hair loss. Some conditions must be met for colored hair to maintain a vibrant color of the hair. Keratin levels can be damaged as a result of any staining. The colored composition penetrates deep into the hair and lifts the strands. Hair can become porous, dry and more sensitive to harmful effects. All these changes affect the look of the whole hairstyle 3, so you should start taking care of the curls immediately from the moment of coloring.

  • Systems:there should be hair care systems - meaning washing, restoring and styling, alternative masks for hair and scalp, recovery methods - all of these should complement each other.
  • Complex:You can't just wash your hair or make a hair mask, so you'll need an integrated approach. Hair care should use various external agents and take vitamin-mineral complexes inside.
  • Regularity:Even the most expensive and helpful hair mask will not be adequate to use occasionally. It is only effective through a normal rehabilitation process.

You need to be ready in advance for the whole period from one color to another, to take care of your hair with special care. 

Causes of Hair Falls:

Everyone wants to have strong and thick hair. However, if someone starts losing hair at an early age, a person falls into emotional discomfort. Everyone often has high hopes that "miracle cures" and home remedies will stop hair loss, and some people want to get hair treated through expensive hair transplant surgery. However, you must be aware that hair replacement will not restore the youth of the hair. You have to be very patient because the newly planted hairs will fall out first and start growing back. Also, hair replacement works for androgenetic alopecia and pathological hair loss due to lack of advanced donor hair roots is not recommended. Fortunately, in most cases, hair loss stops.

Moreover, a significant hormone behind hair loss in men is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is an androgen. Androgens are a hormone that causes hair loss. There is also a good treatment for this which will stop your hair from falling out.

Signs of Hair fall:

  1. Before washing your hair, comb your hair with a brush. Then, you can wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Pay attention to the scalp. You can split your hair into a voluntary split in any part and long, long hair with your hands on either side of the split. In addition, you should see about fifteen short growing hairs. If none of these is present, it is best to consult a trichologist.
  3. Check the hair that has fallen out. It is imperative to understand what the structure is. If the root is white and thick, it means the hairs are in the stage of active growth. If the tip was dry and thin, it was about to fall off and was waiting on the wings. Accordingly, the ratio of these stages should not change too much. If you suspect a lot of health in the hair that has fallen out, it may indicate difficulties in the body's functioning.