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Properties and types of Foam Tape

Foam Tape is a type of tapes that are used in various sealing, securing and connecting solutions. It is used in homes, industries and health cares. It is made from polyethylene or alike material that is sticky on one or both the sides. It has the ability to stand firm on vibration, dust, cold, liquid, gas, sound and many more.

Properties of Foam Tape

Foam Tape has many varieties depending on thickness, density, structure, and adhesive. Each variety serves its own purpose and is different from one another. They are flexible making it fix irregular surface, perfect. They are resistant to moisture, heat and other solvents. Not all the foam tapes have the same level of adhesives. It highly depends on the application of usage.

Types of Foam Tape

  • Box selling Tape – This type is mostly used to seal wrinkled boxes. They are sensitive to pressure.
  • Double Sided Tape – It has glue on both sides.
  • Bondage tape – It sticks to itself with less adhesive.
  • Duct Tape – It is a common type and is usually available in rubber or plastic.
  • Electrical tape – It is made of black vinyl, it is used in electrical wires.
  • Masking tape – It is used in industries and homes and is used for the temporary purpose.
  • Surgical tape – It is used in the medical area. It is flexible and water resistant.

After listing the types of tapes, it can wholly be categorized into two parts. Single sided foam tape and Double-sided foam tape.

Single sided foam tape – It has adhesive on one side. They are mostly used for gap filling, sealing, and gasketing. The properties of single sided foam tape highly recommend it can be used both for home and industrial purposes. Few examples of single-sided foam tape are duct tape, surgical tape, electrical tape etc. They are available in various thickness and adhesive levels. They are flexible, resistant to water, moisture, and high temperatures. The absorption for shock, compression, pressure is perfect. They are durable and can both be used indoors and outdoors. They absorb sound, water, dust and many more.

Double sided foam tape – It has adhesive on both the sides making it an ideal choice for application on constructions. They are used in places where high strength of vibrations is required. Acrylic adhesive, rubber adhesive are a few examples of Double-side foam tape. They are used in places where both the sides of the substance required gluing together. It is also used in industries where two pipe joints or machine parts are glued together to prevent air, gas, sound or fluid to escape. They are an ideal choice for places where shock absorption is necessary and in low temperatures areas. It makes difficult jobs like fix furniture’s clean without damaging, fixing mirrors on doors and walls without wasting time in drilling or for glues to set.

Foam Tapes are available in different size, shapes, colours and are obtainable in roll or sheet forms. It gives durability in indoors and outdoors usage and the adhesives on the tape are permanent. It is accessible in tape forms such as neoprene, polyether, PVC and more. It is pocket-friendly and is easily available in markets.

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