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Pros And Cons of Changing IP Addresses

By Definition an IP address can be defined as a unique string allotted to every gadget connected to a network; used to classify systems and devices so they can interconnect with each other.

An IP address is a measure of your computing and connectivity. It can be referred to as either a “Dynamic” – the changing IP address or “Static” – the Fixed IP address.

IP addresses let data and traffic on the internet know which address to send it to. An IP address is like a postal code for the computer; it tells them where you live so they can get your mail. An Internet service provider can either provide a fixed IP address or a dynamic IP address.

What is a Dynamic IP address?

Dynamic IPs are the changing IPs periodically. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers provide the address as needed.

The current version of the Internet Protocol, IPv4, does not adequately accommodate Static IP (fixed) addresses due to the increasing number of devices against the limited capacity of generating IP for each gadget. That is one vital reason why we use dynamic IPs.

Compensations of using Dynamic IP

  •     Enhanced Security: A dynamic IP address is harder to target by would-be attackers, and when coupled with a good VPN, your security will be top-notch.
  •     Affordability: In comparison to Fixed IP, dynamic IPs are affordable and easy to handle as well.
  •   Undetectable: It becomes tough for intruders to trace your physical location, with a couple of security software like paid VPNs can play a role to provide unbeatable security.
  •     Limitless IPs: Dynamic addresses let your computer share IP addresses. If you have two devices on the same network, they automatically get assigned as desirable so there are no conflicts in the number. so, dynamic IP allows you to reuse IPs without conflicts on a local area network or home network. There is no need for manual configurations.
  •     Auto-Configuration: Devices with dynamic IP addresses can have their networking settings automatically configured by the DHCP server.

Drawbacks of a Dynamic IP

 Dynamic IP addresses are not superlative for services that are accessed from the public internet such as websites and email.

  •     Remote Connectivity: by using a dynamic IP address, your remote access program may experience problems connecting.
  •     Complications for Hosting: If you run a website or an email server using dynamic IPs can cause issues. A Dynamic DNS service is needed, but it makes hosting the site more expensive and complicated.
  •     Accuracy: Using this type of IP can flop the support for the geo-location because it is constantly changing and no longer imitates your actual location.
  •       Fewer Uptime: Occasionally, your ISP might not be able to allow you to change your IP address. That interrupts the continuity of internet connectivity which can degrade or interrupt use altogether. It’s even more troubling if it blows your website offline—especially when many people rely on it as their main source of revenue to have a thriving business

What is a Static IP address?

A static IP address is an unchanging ID for a device. Once given a fixed IP, the number stays with you until you decommission your device or change your network architecture. A static IP address is typically associated with servers and important equipment.

The fixed IP assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) may be determined by the service agreement (SLA). A static IP address will increase the cost of your ISP contract. A fixed IP address can be IPv4 or IPv6, but the important feature is that it's static. 

Compensations of a Static IP

Among the benefits of using a fixed IP address are:

  •   Appropriate Remote Service: It provides added convenience for remote work, utilizing a VPN, or any other remote management program.
  • Physical Location Tracing Service: With a fixed IP address, servers can identify the physical location of your device.
  •   Quick & Reliable Hosting: Suppose you run a server, one excellent way to increase your Internet visibility is by using a fixed IP address. With a fixed IP address, your clients can quickly reach your website or service.
  •   Excellent Support of DNS: Static IP addresses are easy to handle with DNS servers.
  •   Credible Connectivity: Static IPs are a boon to voice and video linking across the internet.

 Drawbacks of a Static IP

Static IP addresses are not always perfect for all circumstances.

  •         Affordability: ISPs tend to impose a heavy fee for static IP addresses, and this is typically the priciest option on a consumer ISP plan. Some business ISPs offer them, usually, they are expensive; be confident in probing about the upfront how much one will cost on your specific provider's plan.
  •         Hacking Risk: The fixed IP address makes hackers aware of the server’s exact location, which could make them easier to target. 
  •     Security Issues: It is easily traceable, having a good tool in hand and stable technique as well one can easily find out where you exactly located.


A dynamic IP address is usually more affordable and less secure than a static IP address while for businesses providing internet services or running any website server, fixed IP addresses are best. They also work well for remote workers when they log into the office through a VPN.

Gauge the risk within your system, if you have good security and have affordability besides you are running a dedicated server that needs quick and reliable service to serve users, you must go for a static IP address.

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