Pros and Cons of Greenclean Granular Algaecide


Anyone who has added a pond or water garden to their property is probably enjoying the beautification advantages such an addition provides. After all, how could fascinating goldfish or aquatic plants not improve visual allure? But, of course, plants and fish have to be visible to provide that benefit. When they are hidden or, worse, harmed by algae, these benefits decrease. That is why eliminating algae are essential. The most popular way to remove algae is through the use of algaecides. While this is a suitable method, it is not a perfect one. So, let's look at a few of the pros and cons of using Greenclean Granular algaecides.


· Some algaecides such as copper sulfate can create harm to certain fish that may live in the pond. This is why it is essential to select an algaecide with a good reputation in the buyer marketplace. Also, if the Algaecide comes in granular form, it needs to dissolve as soon as it comes in contact with the water. If not, it could be ingested by birds or pets. This could poison the animal.

· Using too much Algaecide or using it in a new pond before forming an adequate ecosystem can have devastating effects. One of these effects could be an excessive increase of ammonia in the pond while simultaneously decreasing helpful bacteria in the pond. This can harm plant and aquatic life.

· Some algaecides can be mildly corrosive. That is why they should not be mixed with ammonia, household cleaners, or other products that would increase the potential for corrosiveness to the pond. Also, there is the potential that liquid algaecides can burn flesh if not properly handled. That is why great care must be taken when handling algaecides.

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· Algaecides or only a short-term solution. Typically, an algaecide will only temporarily kill off the algae, only to create a food source for a new algae bloom. Algaecides should be used in conjunction with beneficial pond bacteria and good filtration to help remove the resulting dead algae.


· Algaecide is proven to eliminate algae quickly and inexpensively. For many pond owners, the need for an effective algae treatment must coincide with one that is simple to use and does not cost very much. Thankfully, there are several quality algaecides on the market that deliver on both these fronts.

·Algaecide, work quickly and efficiently. There are algaecide formulas, which can remove algae within 24 hours. This is no minor point. Algae can cause a great deal of havoc in a pond, and the ability to eradicate it as soon as possible is helpful.

· Many algaecides are fish and plant safe, such as Greenclean. In the past, people primarily were using copper products, which can be harmful to fish if not used precisely.

Can ponds look good without algaecide use? Algaecides can work sensations as one of many tools used for care a pond or water garden in proper condition. In general, algaecides are inoffensive, although one needs to understand some potential issues. But, if Algaecide is used correctly, most algae-related problems can be averted.


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