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Pros and Cons of Visible and Hidden Security Cameras

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Security is the prime need of houses, business areas, and other essential places now. You can't just leave home as it is without a security system. Robbery, dishonesty, and housebreaking are common nowadays. You have to keep a check to make sure that your area is safe and sound. You can install any security camera with the help of security companies around you; they will guide you best for it.


Before installing a security camera, it is imperative to decide what type of installation you want. Like you want your cameras to be hidden or visible. The security companies Lethbridge have highlighted the pros and cons of both types of installation of security cameras that may help you most in deciding what type you need.

Visible Security Cameras

The visible security cameras are often installed to show the robbers that we have installed some security system, and we have an eye on their actions. The advantages and disadvantage of visible security cameras Lethbridge are as follows:


  • The main advantage of installing a visible security camera is that they act as a potential restrainer. Like before any less motivated criminal try to enter your territory, they will first see that the camera is installed there. That will stop them in the first place.
  • The second advantage of having a visible security camera is that these cameras have high coverage. The position into an optimal area and take views of all possible angles. Hidden cameras do not achieve this.
  • Moreover, the Alarm System Lethbridge, have an alarming device that will beep when someone stepped your area illegally. This will let the criminal know that they have been caught, and they ran away.


  • The visible cameras no doubt act as a deterrent, but on the other side, it may spoil the privacy of many places like museums, malls, and hospitals. They destroy the environment that the owner has been trying to create, like the in-hospital patient isn't comfortable because a camera is watching them.
  • Another disadvantage of visible cameras is that criminals become aware of cameras' placement, and they got a chance to disable them. Moreover, they can figure out the camera range and do their robbery outside the camera's scope.

Hidden Security Camera


  • One of the best advantages of hidden security systems in Lethbridge is that they protect the atmosphere without affecting the privacy of the atmosphere much, unlike the visible cameras.
  • Furthermore, if any errors have been found in your business, you can figure them out by watching the camera footage. Like you can easily detect it because nobody is aware of the camera except you.


  • The hidden cameras' main disadvantage is that their range is not acceptable and can't get a good picture as they are installed in hidden places, so the furniture, shelves, cupboards, and curtains may hinder the capturing of the view correctly. Sometimes the robbery is being done, and the camera fails to record due to any hindrance.


  • It is suggested that you tell your people and employees about the hidden cameras as they should know for what reasons they are being watched privately to avoid doing such tasks in the future. It is recommended for the situation when the problems are like workplace theft and vandalism.


So to conclude, it can be said that both hidden and visible cameras work to provide you commercial surveillance. Choose them according to your needs. The Home Security Systems Lethbridge work in Lethbridge areas to give all the security needs you need.


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