Pros and Cons to Hire a Professional Video Production Company

Video Production Company

For a business, one of the most important components of growth is its customers and brand recognition. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on marketing and advertising brand. And a large number of ads and promotions are launched across various marketing channels. With time, these budgets are growing and businesses, small as well as large, are investing significantly into brand building.

Among all marketing and promotion media, visual content is quite popular and powerful, when it comes to engaging the audience. Video content offers a powerful means to project the ideas and showcase the products while giving the audience a chance to perceive it as per their will. Video advertising requires a significant investment of resources and time. And, applying the basic rule of business, they expect them to be a return on investment.

Once you have decided to invest in video production, advertising, brand promotion, exhibits, or whatever is the intent; the next big question is how to go ahead with it. Some may find in-house video production teams advantageous, while others would prefer outsourcing these services.
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Furthermore, some businesses might even consider hiring individuals to help some aspects of video production, instead of putting together a production team, more or less like DIY video production.

Benefits of hiring a professional/ production agency

  1. Professional gear at your disposal

When working on a marketing content for your audience, you would want it to be engaging and catchy. Something that appeals to the target audience and makes an impact. For the business, the video content and quality is an extrapolation of organization and their services.
A dish is only as good as its ingredients. So, if you are looking to produce a high-quality promotion video, doing it with the high-end gear would stand out. But, investing in such expensive equipment for a small project isn’t economical. When working with professionals, you get access to their professional cameras, high-quality processing and videography equipment, post-production tools and whatnot.

  1. Content that represents your brand

Commercials and video contents offer a great opportunity to present your brand and showcase your capabilities. If you were to compromise on the quality of the content or videography for your advertising, there is no benefit of doing it in the first place. We all have had our share of poorly recorded videos, bad content and disengaging ideas, all that drives away the audience. Hiring a video production agency increases the chances of developing a high-quality video and content that appeals to the audience.

  1. Increased production speed

For someone who specializes in videography and has an organized setup, working on video content isn’t a challenge. A video production Brisbane agency would have a team of skilled professionals working on various components of the video – graphics, audio, noise, image clarity and whatnot. They would have access to premium tools and software, producing superior results. Plus, the team would be quite efficient and proficient in the activities, thus leading to shorter production stages, from preproduction to marketing and public release.

  1. Greater exposure and a wider audience

After scripting and video production, the next big step is release and to reach the audience. There is an enormous collection of media across all marketing channels – social media, tv advertisements, web ads, etc. And the worst nightmare could be that your newly produced video gets lost in the crowd. Hiring a professional production agency gives you a powerful platform to increase your exposure. Many viewers and influencers closely follow renowned production agencies and this is a great opportunity for your business to increase your reach.

With all the above-mentioned benefits of hiring a video production agency, it looks like an attractive deal to head out and sign an agency right away. After all, they are quite advantageous from the business perspective. But, the rule of nature stands true, as working with an external video company does have some challenges and limitations.

  • It is a fairly big investment

When you hire someone to do your job, it is going to cost you a little extra. The extra is for the quality service and their skills. You would have to shed a little more money than what you would have spent doing it yourself. Also, it is a commitment, so once you put the leg down, you need to take it to the end. But considering that you save on spending money on expensive gear, the efforts and get great output, this investment would have greater returns.

  • Requires planning and scheduling

If you are planning to come up with a video commercial or launch a release, you need to plan it, hire production agencies and conceptualize it well in advance. Although the production agencies are available for projects, you need to book their calendars for your recordings. Furthermore, depending on the project expectations, the team’s availability and other external factors the timelines can vary. Therefore, you need to account for such dependencies and delays.

  • Communicating the ideas is a struggle

In the creative industry, communication is the key. We all have had those moments when we can just not express our thoughts. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? Well, when you are working with a professional videographer, you need to establish a rhythm, a connection, so that you can share your ideas clearly. Otherwise, it can be a big boulder in your work. Sometimes, the person you are working with, may not share the same vision or values. So, do your research and find someone with chemistry.

The secret ingredient for creating great content is research. Be it the video content, concept, marketing idea, props, cast, or production agency. Be thorough in your research and explore your options. Have a sit down with your creative team and production agency to pen down your ideas and create a video that makes an impression.


Long story short, video content is the best means of promotions and marketing in the 21st century. So, harness the potential of this powerful media and take your business to new heights.