The Pros and Cons of a Perfect Indian Diabetic Diet


The fact that Indian food is rich in nutrition and taste is a foregone conclusion. There are virtually unlimited number of Indian dishes and the number keeps on growing. According to latest research, Indian food offers all of us a complete healthy lifestyle as it can provide dishes which can be lapped up by one and all. That’s one of the reasons why Indian food has gained much prominence among cuisines worldwide.

Indian food is not just famous in India but you will find an eatery in far off places across the globe. So don’t be surprised if you bump into an Indian hotel on a remote island in Indonesia or an Indian restaurant in st kitts that’s located in the exotic Caribbean islands. As I mentioned about the health benefits of Indian food, let me discuss with you diabetic patients as they need extra care in whatever food they are consuming and in little quantity too.

Patients of Diabetes Need to be Extra Careful

Needless to say, we all know why patients of diabetes face hurdles in every step of their daily lives. They need to take extra care as they have no other choice. Daily food intake is where they need to be cautious as a little negligence can endanger their recovery or in worst case their life too. While there are 3 main types of diabetes, I will try to offer a general overview of the type of diet needed for people falling in any of the 3 categories.

Dieticians around the world agree on many aspects that are related to diabetes. While patients look for a perfect diet that they can eat, things are a little complex than it seems. New advancements and research in the field of medical science introduce us new ways to make any illness better with time. Let me offer how a Diabetic patient can benefit from vegetables, fruits and cereals in order to cope up well with their illness.

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  1. Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables either seasonal or which are available year round can be really beneficial for a diabetic patient. It is a common perception that patients of any disease especially Diabetes need to eat food which is healthy and nutritious but they have to compromise on the taste. Indian food offers a variety of ways to cook such cuisines which are not only healthy but delicious to the core so that the patients can enjoy the food too. Leafy vegetables can also be used as they are in rich in fiber and are nutritious too.

  1. Fresh Fruits

While most of the fruits are available in a particular season, they are huge in number so that a Diabetic patient can enjoy many fruits in a season. Sweet fruits like Mango and Banana need to be avoided. Also don’t eat any kind of processed or canned fruits as they contain high level of sodium so that they are harmful for you. You can find many Indian recipes that are made up of fruits and

  1. Whole Grain Cereals

Diabetic patients need a quick switch to whole wheat breads instead of white breads and brown rice if they are not practicing it already. They consist of extra fiber that is needed by such patients and can be easily digested. Magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids are just two of the minerals found in this type of cereal so that you can be sure of their healthy nature.

Final Word

I am sure you will learn quite a lot from this blog. If you need any further clarification about any aspect discussed here or want to give your valuable feedback, please do so by using the comments section below.