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Protect your Employees with Real-Time Live GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking has entirely revolutionized business and the result has been to increase speed, accuracy, efficiency and security for companies and the workforce.

Amongst many of the benefits which GPS trackers bring is the added protection and security of our very own employees. We know all about the use of GPS when it comes to shipping, mapping out the fastest routes and notifying clients and customers when their deliveries are close, but it is the added layer of protection which we are able to offer to our members of staff through the use of this software which is its most important aspect of utilizing GPS.

Medical Emergency

If you have a member of staff who is out on a delivery and they happen to pass out or have a heart attack, every second that they are in that vehicle and not in an ambulance is going to be critical. Having a GPS tracker on the vehicle will notify you straight away when the vehicle has been non-operational and that will prompt the business to call on the driver to check they are ok, failure to reach the driver will give the sign that it is time to call the emergency services and that may very well end up saving their life. If this happens in the city centre then a member of the public is likely to do it, but if they are out on the country lanes, that won’t be possible.


A driver getting lost in the middle of a blizzard is nothing new, thankfully however we are now able to better protect those lost drivers and get them home to safety. Depending on where you work, extreme weather may be likely to spring upon us when we aren’t expecting it, and that could cause issues for a driver. Using GPS tracking software, however, we can locate the driver and then either help them to get back to base or at the very least reassure them that we know where they are, and send a more equipped vehicle out to get them.

Driving Safely

Using the information which a GPS tracking device gives us we can also keep an eye on how a driver is managing the vehicle with regards to the speed they are driving, how harsh they brake and how hard they corner. There is a reason to speak with a member of the team who is driving poorly from a business point of view but this is also about guiding them to be better drivers in order to help them avoid problems.

Workplace productivity also has a direct connection with the wellness of the people working in an office. With the help of small changes in the workplace, there will some drastic changes in the overall productivity of the firm and it will also boost the level of efficiency.

We have seen all manner of incidents with drivers such as medical emergencies, drivers being thrown from their vehicles in a robbery and drivers who have been lost for hours on end in tough weather conditions, all of which are now a thing of the past.

The beauty of GPS tracking devices is that they have multiple uses, on the one hand, they can help us avoid traffic and get from A to B in a quicker and safer way, whilst on the other they can save lives and offer our members of staff maximum protection whilst on the job.

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