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Protect your eyes- 7 reasons why you should wear sunglasses!

Different people have different reasons to wear sunglasses. Some say that they wear them because it protects their eyes, some wear them because it accentuates their look and then some say that they want to keep their eyes away from the harmful UV rays. Whatever the reasons be, there are many other reasons as well which should be kept in mind and here in this article, we will be talking about the 7 essential reasons why you should wear them more often.

1. It keeps your eyes safe from sun-related issues

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Have you experienced the burning sensation when you expose your eyes too much in the sun? It starts tearing and we feel uneasy. Our eyes are the sensitive organ which needs to be taken care of delicately. But wearing low-quality sunglasses is not the good option. It doesn’t protect your eyes rather it can damage your eyes more. opt for good quality 100 % UV protection glasses.

Sunglasses which has 100% UV protection will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun to the utmost. The harmful rays emitted by the sun is not only bad for our skin but are bad for the most delicate organ of our body and that is our eyes. Go for polarized sunglasses if you prefer swimming. It will reduce glare. Make sure the sunglasses you choose will fully cover your eyes. Following are some health problems that you can have if you expose your eyes to direct sunlight.

It can cause cancer

Did you know that almost 10% of the skin cancer can be found around the eyes? So, choose glasses which are big and cover your entire eye region to keep you safe from the UV rays and the deadly diseases.

It can cause cataract

Cataract is another problem that most of us face. If you expose yourself to direct sun more often, you can be a victim of the cataract. Ultimately you will have to get your eyes operated to remove it. If ignored for a long time you can go blind as well. Hence protect your eyes whenever you can.


The growth in your eyeball which causes your eyes to tear, causes irritation and is very annoying. Prevention is always better than cure, rather than undergoing a surgery, won’t it be good to protect it instead?

2. Protection from foreign particles

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It’s not just sun that can cause damage your eyes, but even being outdoor or doing outdoor activities can be equally harmful. Like for example, if you like being around the snow then just wear google because snow is even more dangerous than the sun rays itself. It reflects a lot of UV rays and can cause snow blindness. You should also wear sunglasses to keep it away from the sand. Sand particles can cause a lot of irritation. Not just sand, even wind, and dust can irritate your eyes. Therefore, keep your eyes protected from snow, dust, wind, and sand and wear sunglasses always whenever you step outside.

3. Wear it after eye surgery

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If you have gone through cataract or Lasik surgery, then even the doctor might have recommended you to wear sunglasses. After eye surgery, it becomes all the more essential to protect them to get recovered soon. And the only way to heal faster is to protect your eyes from the UV rays and foreign particles. Doctors might also ask you to wear protective glasses, which cover your entire eyes keeping it away from any damage.

4. Wear Polarized glasses to see better

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There is a reason why people are opting for polarized glasses. Apart from keeping your eyes safe it also lets you see your surroundings in a better way. After wearing polarized glasses, it makes your vision sharp, you see colours better, and has lesser glares. Wear them while going for deep water swimming to see everything clearly. Men prescription sunglasses are also available in abundance. Order for a powered polarized sunglass, look good, see good and feel good.

5. Keeps the migraine away

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If you have migraine, then sunglasses should become your best friend. Sunlight can be a trigger for your migraine making you feel extreme pain and uneasy. Wearing sunglasses in the sun can help you to stay away from direct sunlight and will also keep your eyes healthy. Wear them often if you suffer from migraine.

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People often ignore wearing sunglasses while driving, but the truth is it’s difficult to drive on a hot sunny day with the sunlight disturbing your sight. Just take your sunglasses along wherever you go. Choose a branded sunglass and buy eyeglasses online in India and make sure to wear them while you drive. It keeps your eyes safe and makes your vision clearer.

7. Wear sunglass to look good

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There are so many styles and designs when it comes to sunglasses. Pick shades as per your mood and style. Wear an aviator or a D- shaped glass. There are so many of them available in the market. Always go for branded glasses and not just any sunglasses. Branded glasses come in all shapes and size.

So, here are our top 7 reasons why you need to wear sunglasses more often beside looking stylish. Protect your eyes because remember beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Treasure your eyes because you are blessed to have them.

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