Protection on A Budget: A Guide To Affordable Security Cameras


When you think about making your home safe, the costs come to your mind first. As the reasoning goes, the pricier, the better, and often, this expectation is fulfilled. But is the price the key predictor of the quality and workability of equipment and software? The truth is, no, it is not. 

The advances of technology and competition for customers make the market move towards lowering the prices while retaining the decent quality of goods. This rule applies to security cameras and accessories necessary for their functioning. So today, you can easily get an excellent deal on a full security kit without breaking your piggy bank. 

To nudge you in the right direction, we have compiled a list of great options to start with. Study their features, see the prices and decide what camera matches your idea of the perfect house protection. And if you wonder about the security camera installation Albury Wodonga region can offer on, the pricing and choice will be essentially the same. So read on!

Arlo Q Camera, an App and Cloud Space 

The full security kit with a basic storage plan (free of charge) in the cloud will cost you around 65 dollars. The camera is built as a robust but sleek device that can stream the live feed in 1080p resolution right to your device. It works via its proprietary app and relies on Wi-Fi for signal transmission. Looks like a real steal for its money, but there is one ‘but’. During the real-life ‘test drive,’ the camera was not the easiest contraption to set up. So you may need to spend some time on the web research prior to mounting or invite your geek friend to set it up for you. Otherwise – perfect. 

Logitech Circle View That Works with Apple HomeKit 

The impressive device sports a whole array of useful advanced features like enhanced infrared night vision and a weatherproof jacket to protect it from moist and extreme temperatures. Yet, know before you buy: this security kit works with iOS only, with no Android compatibility included in the package. So if you have an Apple device and an Apple HomeKit account, go ahead and buy it. Smooth Apple ecosystem integration makes setting it up a breeze, and a 180-degree 1080p view is perfect for vigilant surveillance of your estate. Be ready to cash out around 160 dollars for a starter kit.  


Ring Floodlight Security Camera: Two In One 

With this camera, you do not need a separate floodlights kit. The cam is fitted with two powerful floodlight lamps that you can program to react to motion in the visibility zone. Yes, the device requires wires and fittings to work, but it is worth it. The kit runs well when paired with Alexa, and you can customize its sound alarm and set the primary viewing zones to be monitored especially carefully. To buy it, you’ll need to pay around 180 dollars. 

Nest Outdoor Cam by Google 

The last on the list but not the last on the market is the Nest Outdoor by Google. Yes, it is as cool and efficient as you can judge by Google the Browser, but it has its downsides. With all its workability and top-quality image, the camera can be easily stolen because of the way it is attached to the base (a simple magnet). Now this problem seems to be fixed, as the new ad promises. If you have 200 dollars to spend on the camera, spend it on the Nest.  

All in all, you have a solid choice of affordable security cameras. So explore, decide, peer into your wallet and pick the best option. There definitely are a few. 

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