Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Pucker Up: Common Lip Filler Myths That Are Far From the Truth

You are beautiful. No matter how you look, you are beautiful. You are also in charge of your own life and if you want to get a body part surgically done, go for it.  As long as it is safe and you are sure of that decision, then go for it. Why not give yourself a little makeover if you’re truly up for the challenge?

A common procedure that people love to get done is the addition of lip fillers. Who does not want luscious lips, right? However, many people are terrified of getting their lips done due to various things they hear from people that are not scientifically factual. Because of that, below are just some of the common myths about lip fillers that you should be aware of.


They’ll Look Fake

You’ve probably seen people on television or social media who have had work done in their body that does not look natural. You have to bear in mind that this is mostly the fault of the inexperienced doctor and not the product’s fault. This can also even be the result of the unrealistic demand of the client that the doctor tried to accommodate. How your lips will turn out will be 10% due to the actual product and 90% how the procedure was done. If it looks unnatural, then it must be because of those factors. It is best to check out the doctor who will be working on you to avoid complications with the surgery and ensure your safety because beauty is a huge price to pay when it endangers your life.


They’re Permanent

People worry about making risky decisions such as this one. What if they don’t like the results and want them removed. This type of surgery is not permanent, and if you opt to get them removed, you can do so as long as there are no complications. As we grow older, the structure of our body changes and our lips change with it, so changing up the fillers or taking them off with the doctor’s help is possible, as long as the doctor allows it.


It’ll Hurt So Much

Every surgery may leave you with a certain ache or numbness after, so the pain is normal. With this surgery, you will certainly feel it. However, compared to other major surgeries, this one will be classified as mild. You will be unconscious during the course of the surgery, and you will only feel a little sore in that specific area afterwards.

You are beautiful no matter how you look and no matter your shape or size. Your beauty will depend on how you feel about yourself. If getting lip fillers will make you feel beautiful, then go for it; your life, your rules. It may scare you, especially with all the myths surrounding it. However, those are just it -- myths. If they have already been debunked, what’s there to mull over? Get the surgery if you want as long as it is safe and it won’t affect your health. Don’t let anyone stop you from being happy.


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