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Qualifications of becoming a surrogate mother in the US

Becoming a parent is a beautiful thing for every couple. If you are not able to sire your own kids. You can look for a surrogate mom to help you in the parenting space. Surrogacy is a journey that involves a lot of emotional investment, testing, and physical considerations.

There are several requirements needed to become a surrogate mother.

Not everyone qualifies to be a surrogate mother. There are emotional, screening, and medical issues involved in the process. Several challenges arise during pregnancy. The following are the requirements to becoming a surrogate mother.

1.      Physical qualifications to becoming a surrogate mom

Being able to carry a pregnancy is not an easy thing, even in surrogacy. You are needed to be in physical shape to be able to bring the pregnancy to term. The following are the physical requirements needed;

  • Be a permanent resident or a citizen in the states.
  • Be within a certain weight ratio and healthy height.
  • Having a child of your own that you are raising.
  • Be between 21-40 years old.
  • You must have carried one pregnancy successfully.
  • You must not be using any harmful drugs.
  • It would help if you were not on any government assistance programs.
  • Must be cleared by a medical doctor to be a surrogate mom.

2.      Psychological qualifications

Women taking this path should consider the emotional and psychological challenges involved. It is a full-time job. It is essential as a couple to prepare yourselves for the extra stress and shortcomings that may occur in this journey.

You have to go through a severe psychological consultation program with your doctor. It will help you during your pregnancy and delivery time. You will be brought to speed with the hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy.

Having a stable emotional background will be of great help as you begin this process. Get in touch with a surrogacy professional as you move forward.

3.      Screening qualifications

Here, it involves a lot of paperwork. A surrogacy professional will take you through the initial application to determine your eligibility. They will answer all the queries that you may have. Before starting this process, you will go through psychological and medical screening.

A mental health professional is also involved in this process. They will handle the emotional and practical challenges that may occur during the surrogacy procedure.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your client, and you will be able to ask questions in detail. You will also be able to discuss the various options available and how you can start a family. You can request to access the egg donor database to understand more about surrogacy.

You should start preparing for the birth of your baby after confirming the surrogate mother is pregnant. Get all the parental rights paperwork done. Prepare all the necessary items and clothes for the baby.

Lastly, you will undergo medical screening as you begin this process. It will confirm your capability in carrying the pregnancy to term. After this, you will be approved for surrogacy and sign the contract.

Parting Shot

All these requirements are made in the US surrogacy. It is advisable to get a hold of a surrogacy professional before indulging in this process. They will take you through all the needed requirements. Your journey of having a baby has been made a reality through surrogacy. It will be the correct choice for you as a couple as you start a family.

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