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Qualities You Need To Have To Become A Nanny

The responsibilities of a nanny might differ from household to household and you can only determine them only after getting hired by a family. Even though there are various kind of duties that are typically performed by the nannies, but the main responsibility is to take care of the babies. So, when you are trying to find nanny jobs, you must be aware of the responsibilities that are being taken care of by the nannies and also know certain qualities that they must have.

Duties performed by a nanny

Housekeeping responsibilities: The nannies are required to look after the children and clean up every mess the children make throughout the day. When a family hires a nanny, they generally expect the nanny to do some light housekeeping jobs. These might include:

·         Laundry: You might have to do certain laundry and wash the children’s clothes.

·   Cooking: If the parents are away for work, then you will be required to cook food for the children. Depending on the amount of time the children are under your responsibility, you might need to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also remain prepared to load as well as unload the dishwasher after you finish cooking.

·    Picking up the kids from the bus stop: When working parents hire you as a nanny, you may have to pick up the children from the bus stops after they come back from schools.

Qualities that you need to be a reliable nanny

a.      Be punctual: the first and the most important quality that you need to have to be a good nanny is to be punctual. Remember that the parents are leaving their kids in your responsibility because they have certain other important works to do. It you are live-out nanny and arrive late, then the parents will also get late at work. This is considered as unprofessional and might affect your job status as well as pay.

If you are a live-in nanny, then you are expected to be awake in time, wake up the kids on time, get them ready for school and drop them at the bus stops. Never assume that just because you will live within the house of your employer, your job will not have a specific time to start.

b.      Communicate well: As a nanny you must make sure to communicate with the parents’ quite well in order to know more about their kids. After you get hired, you must speak to the parents daily at the end of each day in order to inform them what you did throughout the day. This communication is also important as if you ever notice any kind of health issues in the kids, then you must get in touch with the parents as soon as possible. Some parents will offer additional perks if you provide them with the detailed information regarding how the day passed. You can find the best nanny jobs by simply searching nanny jobs near me.

c.       Keep the kids safe: Remember that kids are the most precious things that parents ever have in their lives, so the most important duty you will have is to keep the kids safe from any and every kinds of dangers, You must keep your eyes always on the kids to ensure they are not doing any kind of activity that can injure or hurt them. Take care of even the smallest things, as you will not only take care of the kids indoors but you might also be required to transport them to and from other activities as well as schools.

d.      Be best friends with the kids: When you apply for a nanny job in nanny agency Gold Coast, try to keep one thing in mind that you are not doing this solely for the purpose of earning and innocent kids will be depending on you for most part of their days. So, try to be friendly with the children you are talking care and provide them with various stimulating activities to make sure they don’t get bored. Do everything to make sure that the kids love your company. Also make sure to read them good stories as reading can also keep the kids idle for a certain time.

So, these are the basic qualities that you must have to be a loveable nanny.

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