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Quality Design Means a Lot When Creating Brochures

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Brochures never go out of vogue. Even in today's digital world, people may feel impressed when looking over a physical booklet. A physical brochure could get across importance and value, and a well-designed brochure might captivate the reader. That said, don't expect much marketing success with a poorly designed brochure. Elements of good design could make the brochure stand out as exceptional. Here are some design tips to consider when printing brochures.

Budget for the Brochure

Designing a brochure comes with printing and production costs, so devising a budget might prove advisable. A budget dictates the brochure's size, paper quality, print run, and more. Thoroughly planned budgeting decisions could lead to the best result. Sometimes, cutting costs may lead to unexpected benefits. Discovering less-costly paper works fine might be a pleasant surprise.

Plan the Brochure for an Audience

The design must support clarity. No matter what the audience receives the brochure, the readers must decipher what it says and follow the organized contents. Such points are valid when making an over-sized, 30-page brochure or a thin three-pager. Are you sending the right-sized leaflet to the right audience, though?

A thin brochure might not work well in a long, detailed meeting for company executives. Likely, that 30-page illustrated brochure seems preferable. Don't expect too many would-be customers to a small business to carry a thick, expensive leaflet with them. Where would they put it? It won't fit in a shirt pocket. Keep your audience in mind when coming up with a brochure's design and size.

Craft Sharp Visuals

A brochure's front should be akin to a book's. The cover helps sell the book because it draws attention. A flyer may sit on a display unnoticed if the front cover design comes off as bland. Working with a talented artist/designer could lead to presenting an exceptional cover that draws attention. Quality brochure printing can be hard to find might take a while to find, but worth the effort to get a great-looking cover.

On a side note, think about where to place the brochures. Putting them in an equally artistic standup cardboard display might capture eyes. Placing them in a pile on a table might do next to nothing.

Utilize a Consistent Theme

The theme chosen for the book should remain the same from cover to cover. For example, if you wish to mimic the old "Life Magazine" black-and-white photo layout of generations past, make sure the cover and the interior keep the same look. Otherwise, the result might be awkward. Jumping from bright-colors and impressionist art on the outside to black-and-white photo art could be jarring.

Design Factors into Printing

The design shouldn't undermine the prints if not chosen appropriately. Sometimes, the printed version of a particular design style might not look as good as a digital one. Printing out a few sample copies becomes necessary to avoid wasting money on brochures that don't look as intended.

Brochures continue to work as marketing and informational materials, but flyers need more than text content. A practical design could deliver the necessary style touches that make people want to read the brochure.

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