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Quality Drones Under $200


Drones are one of the most powerful innovations ever made by man, it comes in different sizes and forms and serves different purposes. Today, there is hardly any industry that drone technology has not been perfectly integrated into. As their forms and sizes differ, so are their prices; the more advanced they are, the more expensive they become. Most of the most expensive drones can be found in the military sector which we have witnessed its effectiveness in both the US and British army. Some of these drones come with more sophistication than the other which is the major contributing factor in the price difference. Today, we will be listing those quality drones that are under $200 range and can still give you a reasonable output. Below they are listed thus:

1.    JJRC

This is a modern drone machine equipped with the latest drone technology e.g. Modular Batteries that guarantees a 12-15 mins fly time after some 200mins of charging. It comes with an FPV 3D View Mode that gives you the best picture and video quality all with the help of the 1080P HD Camera feature. A windproof device installed in the GPS Mode allows it to maintain transmission under rough atmospheric interference. The One Key Start/Landing allows you to lift the drone in a click of a button, and the Barometer Altitude help users navigate safely through the atmosphere while the GPS Positioning features enable it to maintain stability amid troubling wind. The One Key Return function allows you to bring back the drone from anywhere it is with just a button, while the Low Battery Power Alarm notifies you when the battery needs to be charged. Other features include Emergency Stop, Foldable & Flexible, 3 Speed Modes, Gravity Sensor Mode, Headless Mode, and LED Light. This drone is sold for $179.99.


This drone weighs246g /8.7 oz in size. You can save more by acquiring this drone, the drone is equipped with a 5G WiFi that works alongside a higher resolution 720P/1080P video and photo cameras which gives you excellent clear picture quality. The drone camera is protected 3 protection mechanisms: the Smart RTH, Failsafe RTH, and Low Battery RTH which is designed to protect the FPV 2K Camera against a crash. The drone is also equipped with a quadcopter:7.6V 1100mAh battery that can guarantee a 14 mins fly time. It has a control range of 800m in a no-wind atmosphere. The price goes for $174.87 in the market.


This is the most recommended for both photographers and makers, it enables them to take an aerial view of their location in a 3D quality picture quality. Just like its counterpart under this category, it is also equipped with the latest 5G Wi-Fi 4k camera feature that can transmit information the drone captures while in-flight. The camera is designed to make a 120° wide-angle function while it covers a 250m distance range. The GPS Position Mode enhances the movement of the drone and directs the path in real-time when the battery is low, it automatically enters the emergency mode. There won’t need to direct the drone back to base because it has a one-button automatic return that automatically sends it back when you want to. Other features include Waypoint Mode (which comes as an App), Orbit Mode, Altitude Hold, and a 3D VR Mode. The drone sales for $159.

4.    Drone-Clone Xperts

Built with a 1080p HD 4.0MP Dual drone camera function – one in the front, the other at the back, and it also simultaneously transmit both functions in real-time using split picture mode. The drone is also equipped with 3 different speed modes which makes compactable for all level of pilots. The LED Navigation lights which also comes with a remote control indicator makes it possible to be visible at night while in-flight. You can utilize other photography features like the X Pro AIR by downloading the HFUN App which allows you to explore more. The battery life is expected to fly for 20min at every full charge.

5.    Potensic

This drone is programmed with a GPS mode that allows you to know the exact location of the drone, and also provides you with a one-key fly button that allows the drone to fly back to its initial take-off position. The WiFi FPV provides you with a real-time transmission using it’s 1080P HD WiFi camera for speedy transfer of without any delay. The advanced 9-axis Gyro feature allows the drone to maintain stability on transit even under rough atmospheric interference. The follow-me mode in the drone allows you to follow the drone using your GPS, and lastly, this drone’s full package comes in an Aluminium Alloy Carrying Case with contains both the drone and it’s accessories.

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