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Queenstown: A Jewel in the Heart of the Southwestern Pacific Ocean for Every Adventure Seeker

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Queenstown is a perfect paradise for outdoor excursions, natural wonders, adventure sports, fine wine, and assorted cuisines. The adventure town of New Zealand is the popular destination amongst tourists as it is a small town with itinerant and wayfaring travelers who tends to spend typically a week or less.

Escape the platitude of the hyped ecosystem and turn towards quaint mountains or lakes and you will be rewarded with tranquility and inner peace. The Queenstown can be sophisticated and cosmopolitan to many but you can see outdoor sporty attire throughout the day!

When to visit

The perfect time to visit Queenstown is during the autumn season and the crow during that season is comparatively less crowded. Avoid during school holidays, Chinese New Year or Midsummer or Winter months as during this period tourists are raining like cats and dogs.

During October and November, snow gets melted and there are freshness and greenery around the valleys and mountains offering perfect weather for hiking and nature in its robust version.

If you love and try your hands on skiing or a skier by passion or profession, you should visit this place late July through September and explore the region's best four ski resorts namely- Coronet Peak, Crown Range, Cardrona, and Treble Cone.

During summertime, Queenstown experiences hot and dry spell accompanied with long daylight hours. You can make the most of the latter and have prolonged outdoor activities.

Queenstown's Skyline Gondola

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The vantage point to behold the iconic view of Queenstown is from the pinnacle of Bob's Hill. It is undeniably mesmerizing and it will take your breath away. You have to take Skyline Gondola which is a scenic cable car which goes and gains an ascent of 450 meters! It is an engineering marvel in itself and a treat for a thrill seeker.

Behold spectacular 220-degree panorama with breath-taking views of Ski resorts situated across Queenstown. You will be passing through misty clouds and chilly weather and for once you will feel that you are into oblivion as the dynamic change in climate is a variable element out there.

Steer a Luge

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A trip to Gondola should be embedded with a ride on the Luge track. It is a must-do activity that will fill your heart with thrill. It is a gravity-fueled experience as you take the pilot seat on the luge. Encompassing all ages, it is enjoyed by everyone.

It's a license and you will crave to do it all once again.

Unleash your Inner Child at Site Trampoline

Queenstown has to world's biggest and most powerful trampoline engineered with Olympic grade trampolines. You can find over 30 plus interconnected trampolines t get you going beyond the horizon. Hop on and try the best stunts you always wanted to give the best safety standards are in check.

You can try summersaults to parkour stunts depending on your mood! Freestyle stunts to get your adrenaline rush going and airbags and foam pits have got your back in any given circumstance.

Sunset At Bob's Peak

The culmination of the day with seeing the sunset in Queenstown is a distinct experience! As the sun sets down beyond the horizon and the last rays of light embellish the snow of Cecil and Walter Peaks. The hues in the sky bring dramatic change as the transition of the azure sky takes subtle tints of pink and purple. Such lightning can exclusively be witnessed in winter.

Sustainable Road Tripping

The best way to explore the elegance and captivating scenery is by navigating across this beautiful town. You can get a bike or E-bike on rent and muster your natural horsepower to cycle around as per your convenience on trail of 130km.

A network of tracks offering natural crystal clear lakes and rivers and engineering marvels like suspension bridges and historic Arrow town.

Immerse yourself into the vistas of Lakes Districts via gravel paved trails and along the way enjoy Amisfield Winery and Bistro.

Bungy Jumping - A leap of Thrill

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Take a leap of faith and decimate all your phobias like fear of flying or heights with the adventure activity which fortifies that you are a legend! Bungy Jumping in Queenstown is the epicenter for adventure sports and ground zero for commercial Bungy jumping anywhere in the world.

You can take Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump, which is the most basic offering tandem option as well and water touch opportunity while hitting the surface of the river. Town offers ledge and Nevis bungy jumping as well for more advanced and raw experience offering up to 10-second free fall!

Summing Up

Queenstown is encompassed with a necklace of marvelous mountains and besides that, you can behold the Lake Wakatipu. This little alpine town attracts millions of visitors across the year from every nook and corner of the world who seeks adventure and adrenaline rush in their veins.

Queenstown captivates travelers with its mesmerizing spell of beauty offering everything from hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, zip-lining, bungy-jumping, sky-diving, parapenting, etc. It can take you for gastronomical adventures too with fine dining. It is a pit-stop for an adrenaline junkie and once in a lifetime place to visit.

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