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Questions to Ask Before Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog


If you are considering including CBD in your dog’s diet, understandably, you might have questions about the product. These questions can range from, is CBD safe to use, how much CBD oil should I give my dog, to what is the best way to use CBD. 


The article aims to clarify some of the common doubts about using CBD for dogs.


Questions to Ask Before Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog


What Type of CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog?


The hemp plant is full of beneficial compounds which have therapeutic features. Some of these compounds are stripped out to manufacture different varieties of CBD oil during the extraction process. So, for example, you have a broad spectrum devoid of THC, and then you have CBD isolate, which only has the CBD compound in it.


Look for full-spectrum CBD oil when it comes to your pets. This type of oil includes all the compounds found in the hem plant and comparatively is more effective. 


What Different Factors Determine CBD Dosage for Dogs?


Contrary to popular belief, size and weight are not the only two factors determining CBD dosages for dogs.


Any underlying health condition can also influence the results. Also, take note of your pet’s metabolism and activity levels to determine a safe dosage. Remember, gaining dogs may need a lesser dosage than young pups.  


If your dog suffers from inflammation or pain or gets stressed during thunderstorms, CBD oil dosage will differ from one dog to another. 


What Dosage of CBD Oil is Appropriate for Dogs?


If your dog has lower activity levels, or they might have a higher sensitivity to CBD, or you are concerned about side effects, it is recommended you start with low doses. A study found that 2 to 8mg/kg of a dog’s weight was a safe dosage. In addition, the pet owners reported no side effects.


The approach to the question of how much CBD oil should I give my dog would be, begin with a low dose and track your dog’s reaction to it. Then, once you see your dog is comfortable with the product, you can administer higher doses accordingly.


How Should You Include CBD Oil in Your Dog’s Routine?


You can administer CBD oil to your pet by using it in the form of a tincture. Use it sublingually by placing the CBD oil drops under the tongue. Even in humans, sublingual intake is considered the most effective as the CBD gets into the bloodstream quickly with this method and starts making its progress inside the body. 

Many pet owners feel it safer to administer CBD oil in dog treats or daily meals. Though the method may look easy, it isn’t as quick. Before entering the bloodstream, the CBD oil will pass through the digestive tract, delaying the effects further. 

The trial and error method would be the answer to the question, how much CBD oil should I give my dog. Start with low doses, see how your pet reacts, keep a journal, track progress and increase dosage till you find a stable routine. Administering oil sublingually would be the best approach to include CBD in your dog’s diet.  

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