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Questions Uncircumcised Men must ask a Circumcision Doctor

Before you are going under surgery there are many concerns on your mind; whether you a minor or major one. These concerns can be inquired by only a doctor when you are asking the right questions. But many individuals think that questions are not vital because several of them don’t involve the actual surgery. But it is not the case because you can get a lot of insight into the surgery.

Important Questions to ask a Circumcision Doctor

For every surgery, questions are critical to ask and especially a Circumcision Doctor if you are going to have a circumcision surgery. The penis is a very delicate matter for men so when they are told that they are having surgery makes them nervous. But these concerns can be eliminated by asking some of the following important questions.

What is Circumcision Surgery for Men?

It is a very common surgery that is done all around the world. The foreskin is a piece of skin that covers the penis entirely. When a boy is born the foreskin is attached all the way to the tip. But as the age advances the skin detaches from the head and can be pulled up or down. When problems start to develop; the foreskin needs to be removed from the head of the penis.

What age is perfect for having the surgery?

Most commonly newly born babies are the ones to be circumcised because of religious and cultural reasons. But adults are also going under this surgery. There is no age restriction for having the surgery.

Are there any complications related?

There are a little risk and possibility of complication during and especially after every surgery. You don’t have to worry until the below-mentioned problems increase in intensity. In circumcision, the men can experience the following complications but they are on a minor range;

  1. Bleeding
  2. Slight infection or inflammation
  3. Irritation when urinating
  4. Little pain

What is the circumcised penis looks like?

Many men think that their penis will change completely when they will have adult circumcision surgery. The look is a little modified as before the circumcision the penis is completely covered with the foreskin; whereas, after the surgery, the glans or the top part of the penis is revealed. The size doesn’t change only the foreskin is removed.

What benefits does the Circumcision give you?

There are times when men are not able to clean their penis properly; this can ultimately make it dirty and unclean. This can develop several infections and hygienic issues. But after the surgical procedure,you can have many health benefits like;

  1. The urinary tract is safe from infection.
  2. Reduce the spread of STIs.
  3. Safeguards from various cancers.
  4. Lowers the problems in the foreskin ad penis.

How much does the surgery costs?

Even when you go for any other surgery the cost is different in different clinics like Circumcision Center and hospitals. This difference in cost is determined by the facilities that these medical care centers provide you. On an average, the price ranges between $2,000 to $3,000but if your insurance policy covers it and the clinic accepts it then it can cost you even lesser.

What things are included in the price?

The price of the surgery includes several things that are vital to discuss with the surgeon. You have a good idea of what services and accessories are included in the price of the surgical procedure.

  1. The anesthesia
  2. Kind of method and tool
  3. The doctor and the staff
  4. The clinic facility
  5. Getting rid of the wastes
  6. Medication

What different methods can be used?

Traditionally there are several methods that the surgeons use; one is the sleeve resection, the tug and chop and the dorsal slit technique. It is very important that you have a detailed meeting before the surgery to discuss the above-mentioned techniques and decide which one is the best for you. Men are sometimes shy and hesitate to ask; don’t make this mistake.

Which Tool is the perfect one for the surgery?

Today there are many tools used for the surgical procedure but you have to choose wisely the tool that you want to be used on you for the surgery. You have to select amongst the following instruments;

  1. Gomco Clamp
  2. Mogen Clamp
  3. SmartKlamp
  4. Unicirc
  5. Accucirc
  6. Ali’s Klamp
  7. Winkelmann Clamp
  8. Plastibell
  9. Shang Ring
  10. PrePex
  11. Tara Klamp

Is this surgery only for men?

Generally speaking, circumcision is only for male members of society. But there are a few cultures that encourage females to have their own kind of circumcision. There has been no evidence that this has any medical or hygienic benefits rather there are reports of damages to the genitals of the females who had this surgery.

Who is the doctor for this surgery?

Any good surgeon who has the qualification and experience of the surgery is eligible to operate of the penis. Choosing a urologist will be the best for you because he/ she will know all the details concerned with the surgery.

Is adult circumcision more dangerous or for the infant?

Complications and risks can occur at any time and at various intensities; so it can’t be determined whether the circumcision will affect the infants or adults. But according to research; the infants are more prone to risks and this can lead to their deaths as well. But adults can bear the pain and the survival rate is higher.

What are the basic reasons for Circumcision?

There are three basic reasons to have the surgery; their faith requires it, they have any medical problem or they want their penis to look good.

Does the healing time take long?

Lastly, don’t forget to ask the Circumcision Doctor about the healing period. It is important because there are several precautions to take during this time; if you want the after surgery penis to be working correctly.

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