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Questions You Need to Ask the Builder before Hiring Him

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You don’t build a house every few days or months, and that is why it’s important to get it built it in the best possible manner when you finally think of turning your dream of having your own house into reality. But with so many snake oil sellers around, it has become really difficult to zero in on a good builder. But if you know what to ask them before sealing in a deal and through the process of construction, you will sure be able to make them serve you as desired. So, here are two evaluation questions that will come handy in this respect. Read on-

  • The first and most important question to ask your builder is whether they will consider consulting you through the process of construction. Now, the reason why this question is important is because it’s not always that you get a house built. Besides, it’s your house. And starting from the kitchen sink to the design on the floor tiles, you want everything to be according to your likes and preferences. If the builder heeds his own counsel and treats you like you are nobody, then he is definitely going to come up with a house that might not impress you at all. And that is why it’s important that you are consulted at every stage of the construction. Although most Gold Coast builders will willingly keep the client in the loop, you might come across some stubborn builder too. So, being cautious is the way out!
  • The second question to ask them is whether or not they will allow you to see the job manager of the building company. Make sure you meet this person before signing any kind of agreement. This person must have ample experience in building residential homes. This person in question should also have the kind of expertise you desire. And not just that, they should also be able make themselves available to you as and when you need. And it’s not only when you seek their assistance that they should pay heed to you, the manager should proactively contact you to give updates and take consultations. It’s also important to check for how many years the job manager has been working with the builder you intend to hire. And also, don’t forget to do a background check of this person. This is the person who you will communicate with you on a daily or weekly basis; so, knowing a lot about their style of working is important for your own benefit.

These are definitely two major questions that you need to ask your builder, before they start your house building project. If you find that the answers to these questions are not satisfactory, or they don’t touch upon all major points, then it would be wise of you to create questions to dig out missing information. This way, you will not just compel them to divulge all hidden info, if any, but will also make them realise that you are a prudent customer.

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