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Quick Guidelines about First Hand First Aid

Hands do a lot of talking. And so they deserve nothing less than the best, andthus, need the utmost care. Since they are used the most, they might also be subject to get hurt more frequently. This might come out from day to day activities, overuse, or even some unfortunate incident. It’s not just the hand, but the fingers and wrist do get involved in such injuries. In Blog Info Hub We share lots of information about Health topics.

Recent developments in the field of medicine have helped put the injuries at bay. Hand and microsurgery are some of the various developments in orthopaedics. The extent of such cases has brought into action certain centres catering to the said specific needs. And Dr McLean’s is one of the major personalities in the field of hand surgery. He makes himself available for consultation along with other surgeons in and around.

Some of the services provided include:

-          Trauma hand surgery

-          Paediatric hand surgery

-          Hand Microsurgery

-          Peripheral nerve surgery

-          Elective hand surgery

-          Adult hand surgery

-          Brachial Plexus surgery

-          Wrist Arthroscopy

Talking about treatment, there may be times when a basic first aid can do a lot to give better outputs to the treatment to be given later. Hence, it is always good to know some basic first aid to be given when in case of injuries to limbs.

First Aid for Hands

Depending on the type of injury, the first aid to be provided varies. Thus, a sprain will need something else, and so does an external wound. Here are some essentials to be done based on the type of injury:

Type 1: Sprains, Finger Dislocations or Fractures

  • Ice has known to reduce swelling. Have an ice pack on the affected area to reduce the swelling caused by the injury.
  • Make sure the finger is placed in a way that it lays above the level of the heart. Keeping it elevated is important.
  • If there is some issue with the alignment of the finger, do not try to straighten it. It might bring more harm than good when not done by a professional.
  • Contact a doctor immediately.

 Type 2: Infection

  • The signs of infection include - redness, swelling, warmth, or discharge. If any of them is shown, contact a doctor immediately.

Type 3: Others                                                                      

If not for the above 2 types, if any of the following condition is exhibited, head to a health professional immediately for any hand injury:


If there are persistent new symptoms

Further, as mentioned before, there have been developments in the field of science, which have resulted in new medicines and treatment methodologies.

And most importantly, even if there was a severe injury, with developments like hand microsurgery, even a minute injury can be treated well. So why worry after all?

This will help you make a reasonable choice. Although the price might look like a trivial thing to consider when you are looking for a really good surgeon, it does play a major part when it comes to affordability. So, never ignore this factor.

Now, that you know how to hire a good orthopaedic surgeon, there is no reason why you should make any mistake in this regard. 

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