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QuickBooks Error 6123

Intuit developed QuickBooks is a business management software that is used by most of the small and medium-scale industries. It is quite obvious that the users may encounter several issues or errors like QuickBooks error 6123 and many more. Although QuickBooks Error 6123 is an error that arises when you are attempting to search the organization file that is located on another system’s server. It may also appear while updating the organization files to the newly released versions. QuickBooks Error 6123 happens when you are again storing the backup file to the local network drive. This blog will dictate all the possible causes and signs behind this error. If you still need any assistance then immediately dial our QuickBooks Phone Number at any time. Our highly-skilled and certified expert technicians will deliver instant technical assistance to solve this error.

The message that is displayed on the system’s screen when this error appears like:

“Issue while generating a database association”.

Foundations behind QuickBooks Error 6123?

Although there are many possible causes behind QuickBooks Error 6123. Here is a list of the major foundations behind the occurrence of this error such as:

  • Firewall is not installed properly.

  • Missing organization file.

  • Broken network connection.

  • Several cases of QuickBooks Database service are executed altogether.

  • Malicious program has damaged the software.

  • Accessing the organization files on an updated version of QuickBooks.

  • If you are again storing the backup from a hard drive.

  • QuickBooks files have been damaged or broken.

Signs to analyze QuickBooks Error 6123

However, it becomes easier to solve this error if you have analyzed the signs of the occurrence of QuickBooks error 6123 previously. Here is a list of all the possible signs that will indicate that error 6123 is appearing in your system. They are as follows:

  • System Windows crashes down.

  • Your PC hangs down for a few seconds.

  • QuickBooks Error 6123 is shown on the screen.

  • Slow response to the input tools such as mouse and keyboard.

  • Your PC WIndows runs at a slow pace.

Eradicate Error 6123

Facing QuickBooks Error 6123 might be quite annoying and frustrating if you are unable to work on the QuickBooks software. After analyzing the possible signs it will be easier for you to eradicate this error. Because if we know which factor results in this error, we can quickly apply the steps to solve error 6123. Some of the useful steps to get rid of this error are as follows:

Way-1: Install and use QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is an effective apparatus to identify the possibilities of the corrupted files or folders that are found on your PC. This instrument will be very beneficial for you to solve QuickBooks Error 6123. Due to which you cannot do work on this software.

Way-2: Perform Clean Installation

Clean installation is done in 2 steps: first, you have to uninstall it and second reinstall it. But before performing it, make sure that you have done a backup data of your organization file.

  • Signed in to your account with your admin credentials.

  • Under the Start menu and open Control Panel. 

  • Then choose Uninstall a program.

  • After that click on Repair and Remove.

  • Select Yes option to delete it.

  • When the uninstallation is done then again start your system.

When it is completed, then again install it to your system. This will resolve QuickBooks Error 6123 in a few minutes.

Way-3: Retitle .ND and .TLG files

  • Click on the Start button.

  • Then select Check your organization file option.

  • Now hold the .TLG and .ND files to retitle it.

  • After that reopen QB.

  • Again login with your credentials.

Way-4: Ensure Correct Folder Rights

  • Select the folder of the organization file and click on Properties option.

  • From the Security, choose Advanced >> QBDataServiceUserXX >> Edit.

  • Now Allowed the following settings such as: Read Attributes, List folder, Write data, etc.

  • Change the folder rights by clicking on Window +E keys.

Way-5: Shift file to another place

  • Click on the folder that contains your organization file.

  • Copy the files with .ND and .TLG extensions.

  • Paste these files on your system desktop.

  • Now open the No Company Open window with the help of Ctrl key.

  • Then select the restore an existing organization option to search the copied files. 

Wrapping Up

After reading this blog, it is understood that QuickBooks Error 6123 is an error that may arise when you are updating to the new versions of software. It also occurs when you are attempting to access the file in a multi-user environment. By following these steps, you can eradicate QuickBooks error 6123 within a few minutes. For any queries, contact our QuickBooks Support professionals. We are always ready to deliver instant help as we know how precious your time is!


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