Qurbani 2021 – All You Need to Know About Qurbani in Yemen


Qurbani in Yemen is a battle site and an important tribal and religious site in the al-Yemen border area. It is located on a hill and it is said that from here, you can view the fate of the holy war against Moosa and Saleh bin Ali against the Islamic forces led by Haddam and his UAE troops. In Yemen, there is no doubt that Saleh bin Ali's forces have suffered heavy losses and many troops killed or wounded in fighting between Saleh and his brother Muqrin.

This year, due to lack of humanitarian help from outside the country, Saleh bin Ali has changed his mind and decided to accept a peace negotiation with the UAE and Egypt under the United Nations security council resolution. Qurbani in Yemen. But, the question is, how will he get the people of Qurbani to sacrifice their lives for him? Will the weak and powerless tribal elders go along with this dangerous move? And, will all the tribes and people of Yemen follow suit and sacrifice themselves in front of Saleh and his troops?

Qurbani Meat for Yemeni Families

The weak and powerless tribes are sure to suffer the most when Saleh bin Ali tries to impose his iron fist on the people of Yemen. What will happen to them when Saleh forces the weak and powerless people of Qurbani to sacrifice themselves? The answer to this question is, they will suffer, but they will not submit to what Saleh wants. As we all know, Saleh is following the path of Abuammed bin Laden, who is a religious scholar and hadite expert who believes in strict Islamic law, which says that when a person fights in God's army, then that person is a warrior and his family is guaranteed safety and protection in paradise. So, what will happen to Saleh and all those Qurbani tribal elders who will suffer during this conflict?

In the days of Abuammed bin Laden, many young men from Qurbani and other tribes went to Pakistan to join the mujahedeen. When the latter group attacked the Kurds in Iraq, Saleh joined his brothers and sisters in Qurbani to protect their tribesmen. At that time, Saleh did not care how many people he had to kill or torture to get rid of the foreigners. But now, after listening to Abuammed bin Laden's chilling audio tapes, will Saleh really do the same thing as Abuammed? Will he and all those Qurbani tribesmen put up with the torture and killing of thousands of people just to please their strong leader? And, will this be the first and last time that Saleh opens his mouth and joins Abuammed bin Laden's cause?


 What is Qurbani? The answer to these questions is obvious. Will Saleh do the same thing as Abuammed bin Laden and let the people of Qurbani suffer and for the sake of fighting the international terrorists, Saleh bin Ali will sacrifice his brother, sister and other relatives? This is a very hard question to answer, but if we look back in history, we can see that Saleh has already done things that are similar to Abuammed. So, is there anything different between the two in terms of their motivation to fight?

In Yemen, Saleh has already joined forces with Saleh bin Abdul Aziz, who is also one of the top members of al Qaeda. If Saleh has a son or daughter living with him, then he will kill them to get even one step closer to paradise. But will he sacrifice the innocent lives that are still alive? What does Saleh have to gain by sacrificing the women and children of Qurbani? If he has nothing to gain by doing so, then what's he gaining by doing so? Many will say that Saleh bin Abdulaziz has nothing to do with al Qaeda, yet at the same time, many will also say that Saleh bin Ali's offer of aid saba relief was too good to pass up.

As for Abuammed, he may have been a bit disappointed when Saleh bin Abdulaziz rejected his offer of fresh meat and water for his people. However, he still believed that God was on his side and would reward him with something. Abuammed will continue to provide people with food and shelter, even though he may not get all the raw meat and water that he was offering. In fact, many believe that Abuammed will be dead before long, but God will raise him from the dead and will make him a strong fighter.

In the end, it is up to God to decide how much we are willing to sacrifice and whether or not we will be forgiven for our wrongdoing. In Saleh bin Abdulaziz's story, he will surely be forgiven because God loves him and is pleased with his services. In Abuammed's story, many will certainly not forgive him for leaving his family and going to wage a holy war against a country that is much closer to home. The choice is up to us to make. Just as long as you honor the traditions of Eid and eat and enjoy the fresh meat and water that are being offered, there shouldn't be too much of a fuss.